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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vatican spokesman condemns loss of life in flotilla clash

The loss of life is always regretful and I don't think there will be a moment when the Vatican will actually celebrate the loss of life.
The events that keep unfolding in the Middle East for centuries and which has most definitively have been in the eye of the news, since the days in which the state of Israel was created; cannot be seen simply from the spectator side and judged without directly seeking peace and justice.

Much is being said about the way Israel defends its position, which as far as several Arab leaders, included the Palestinians is concerned, is more than anything, surviving.
Throughout my early years I have witnessed and been very critical about the way, after the end of World War II, and perhaps as a consequence of the terrible events and revelations from the death camps and concentration camps; Jews have been characterized as victims and as usually happens, some have taken advantage of the condition to abuse it.
However, after sixty years, the whole Arab world and even adding Iran to it, does not seem to have any other objective in life but to destroy Israel, not accepting any condition that will allow peace.
Why is it that, if Israelis are going to be asked restraint and to put the other chic, the same attitude is not applied to the whole Arab world?
Israel's response might be usually violent, but so it is that of the Palestine.
Pope Benedict XVI has a very interesting and good approach to all of this and it is to put the truth forward so that love can flourish, because Jesus has set us free by the truth.
But while Hamas and other groups at war against Israel continue to be at war, I see very difficult to expect the state of Israel to simply cease to exist because these people want to win while their own people live in stagnation, not because of Israel, but because of their own leadership focusing on the wrong priorities.
Peace is not the absence of war, but the triumph of the truth and by simply condemning one side while offering the other as a helpless victim, peace is not served, because the truth is not provided as the foundation of that goal.
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