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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taxes Added Value (TAV)

Nowadays everyone talks about VAT (Value Added Taxes) as a solution to so much waste from government or as the wrong solution to government excess.
What seems to be elusive is what is behind every tax, not just the potentially impacting Value Added Taxes, but also many other kinds of taxes for this and for that and because and even just in case, direct or indirect, hidden or not.

It is said that the only sure things in life are taxes and death, and as inevitable these two are, we have the capacity to accept them in joy.
Death is the inevitable pass to a better life with God, of course if we have done our part. We cause our death by disobeying God by the original sin and so we must earn back our way to paradise.
Taxes are different from death because even if we decide over them, their own function is of justly participate in the social scheme.
Even though taxes have existed since ancient times, as history tell us on many occasions and chapters, it is thereby proven that taxes can be the cause for terrible reactions and for very dramatic moments with very disastrous consequences. It seems though, politicians hardly learn from history as they keep ignoring its teachings and in their thirst for power and control, they go rampant applying taxes everywhere they find there is still some room for them.
The consequence of taxation is that they are revenue for the government but also they are a liability for the people, always the people and only the people. Taxes on businesses or taxes on the rich or anywhere else, always derives onto the people impacting their ability to survive, their cash flow required for prospering and nowadays, even their ability to multiply as making for the most of any household income, it forces both parents to work generating a mentality against children and procreation and therefore the announcement of a child has become a curse against the household.
As the father role and the mother role diminishes; the role of the family becomes oriented towards false interpretations and dependencies and the political interests of false prophets and wolves dressed under sheepskin propagate the idea of a family as a village as a community instead of under the institution of marriage as created by God, blessed by Him as the union of one man and one woman to grow and multiply from the individual to society.
Taxes, should they be deemed necessary for the sustain of government and the provision of common good and social justice by protecting life and freedom, need to be carefully exempt from interfering in God’s will and therefore, they cannot become an impediment, an obstacle for prosperity.
The role of any human being is not just to vegetate into a meaningless life, but to accept the challenges life brings and face them with dignity and humility meaning abandoning any traces of individualism materialism, hedonism or altogether; selfishness.
The imposition of measures oriented to assure governments and politicians revenues while distracting the main purposes of their administration which is the guarantee of protection for life and freedom, thereby imposing upon the people the role of nothing but slaves to the power of government, politicians or their friends, relegated to work without purpose for their own prosperity, or disguising prosperity as the accumulation of richness as opposed to what is truly treasured for the soul which is truth and love; that imposition becomes destructive to the society it intends to serve.
Taxes can only be just when are evenly collected and evenly applied. To achieve this, is imperative to keep the focus on the services provided and expected from the collection of taxes, specifically, because taxes are contributions by the people to cover its common needs and nothing but what cannot be provided or expected at the individual level. The administration of any social group goes from the individual to society because that is the natural direction because social behavior is identified with the virtue of loving our neighbor.
When through governments self described as good, society retrieves taxes from the people under premise of knowing more what is better for them, how to make better use of the resources they need; then it becomes impossible to identify such a governing body as beneficial to the people but rather to the ones so candidly trusted with the power to dictate laws on behalf of them, the people. The government becomes corrupt and unmanageable, because it transforms itself persistently and constantly into an ever growing entity that like a black hole in space, keeps increasing its mass absorbing everything but reflecting no light, let alone producing any brightness.
The reason for this is because men are not and cannot be gods, even though some my feel like some deities or as enjoying some privileges, humans have been created by the only God that has been, is and will forever be. That sentiment of power and control resides in the mind and only in the mind of the people, of the ones that follow these individuals and of the individuals that pretend to be such an illusion.
Human beings are perfectly equipped over and above the instincts that the rest of the creation possesses; with the ability to love and to discern between what is real and what is not. Our social nature is entrenched in that ability to love our neighbor, because we love God and see in loving our neighbor the connection to God, because our hearts are open to Him Who loves us immensely and without limits.
When human beings, men or women; engage into some enterprise designed to achieve an specific goal, be this a business or be this simply a project to build something, or anything that requires the effort of more than one; humans tend to compromise so that the fruits of their effort, the achieved prosperity; is appropriately distributed.
When common good and social justice prevails, is when true prosperity is achieved, however, when it is one human exploiting another or many others or when it is the state doing so, prosperity disappears to become slavery.
One person does not need to own another to enslave his/her soul as the ownership becomes but a way of speech, a jargon in the process of selling progress into the weak and unfortunate, the disadvantage or the needy.
The dignity of the human person must be preserved in the name of social peace which translates into social justice and common good.
Systems of government, any one of them; must preserve the premise of satisfying that premise of humanity and not just of their own kind as it becomes apparent in function of their social grouping be this cities, nations or any other association. Peace can only be acquired by keeping the truth in perspective as only the truth set us free, as Jesus announced to us.
Social oppression starts from within, by excess of our own political establishment and becomes particularly self-destructive when these excesses become morally destructive but the start is excessive taxation, excessive and abusive demanding from the populace. History is clear and too eloquent in this suicidal process of exploitation called progress without prosperity.
Humans are God’s creation and only Him can give or take freedom and it is not up to states to grant or deny the freedom of the human soul.
Prisons can never remove the freedoms God has given us, justly or unjustly imposed. Our freedoms are there always within our own reach and by trusting God we remove the fear that any person can put as burden to expose our own freedoms.
Taxation is a vehicle to express such an oppression and nullifying of the human spirit, reason enough to look into them with particular concern, and limit their function and implementation.
As government only contributes to the problem, taxes contribute to make coming out of them even more unlike.
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