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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life and Family

Life starts at conception and through natural death.
Humanity is unique amongst the other species of creation because of the appreciation of the truth and love and of the close and intimate relationship we all have with God almighty.
The sanctity of life therefore cannot be questioned, neither it can be subject to debate or be conditional to the wishes or choices of others.

As freedom provide us with choices which we are free to elect, to choose the destruction of human life for whatever purpose, separates us from God because is that love for our peers and neighbors what keeps us in communion with Him.
A difference exists between destroying life in the name of selfishness and having to kill some enemy in order to preserve life or to assure continuance of the common good and social justice.
Humans cannot live alone because alone they become a terminal end without a purpose. Humans are created by divine mandate; to grow and multiply. To grow in prosperity participating in the provisions for the common good and to multiply so that consequence and continuity can assure the preservation of humanity.
God has given us nature to safely and continuously care and provide for our needs. The gifts of the Holy Spirit; Council, Knowledge, Strength, Piety, Understanding, Science and Fear of God; are fundamental foundation in our nature as humans and our freedoms to use them wisely for the common good and social justice.
Life is the precious gift of the Holy Spirit that encompasses all the other gifts and therefore needs to be loved and preserved for the salvation of many and the continuance of mankind.
Marriage is the union of one man and one woman for the formation of a family, the most basic component in society.
Marriage is an institution created by God and not to be destroyed or altered by humans because the family is then exposed to become irrelevant and love nonexistent.
Society must follow the truth of God’s commandments by making laws that are consistent with the mandate of loving God over and above everything and our neighbor as ourselves.
It is therefore absurd for the law to foster the destruction of marriage, family and life under the pretense of doing it for the common good. There is nothing just or fair about destroying life or by making a mockery out of marriage by attempting to change the main essence and foundation of the institution.
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