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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Humans playing God

Humans playing God
Not too long ago, the National Post in Canada, published an article entitled, Playing God is underrated and which started…
‘Craig Venter, the controversial American scientist and entrepreneur, stirred up considerable media excitement last week by announcing the birth of Synthia. Described as "the first-ever synthetic life-form”’
How many times have we’ve seen or read ‘news’ about how ‘science’ has moved forward reaching a point only possible to God and as many times we have witnessed how the claim is not really so, because after all, well, it was not really… and life and science continue their paths and yet mankind cannot match God’s creation.

The ill conceived theory of evolution is persistent but constantly finds itself unable to ‘evolve’ itself into some shape of truth other than what the relativity of the imagination and creativity of the people so fervently advocating its imposition, try to convert in religion, their own kind of faith.
The point is that science is a gift of the Holy Spirit, because it gives us the tools to find and discover, and then produce, what is good for our prosperity, to grow and multiply, to worship God, which is not equal to make everyone rich, least making some rich at the expense of others.
The prosperity that science helps us achieve has to do with goodness for everyone, by conquering diseases or epidemic outbursts or plagues of every kind, included those that are the product of human creativity and so on and so forth. Of course the detractors of this, arrogantly like to assume that God does not exist and that science is nothing but something that belong to them for their own exclusive goodness and nothing else.
Curiosity alone cannot be the foundation of science but reason must be one of the important pillars with the other and most important which is faith, the real one, where truth is absolute and always seek and pursued. Over and above the other two faith is, because it is what determines the aims and fruits of science to be good or not for mankind, for the love of our neighbors as to ourselves and even most important, for the love of God.
There is absolutely nothing that mankind has actually created, everything science produces is either discovered or invented and for either the hand of God is required and has been there first, as the most minimal rule or law used in order to achieve any advance, has already been created by God and it is only used by men and/or women, to produce something hopefully for the common good. Without reason, that product becomes unreal, imaginary, just an illusion, without faith, it can actually be of terrible consequences to mankind.
The plea for protecting the dignity of the human person, against extremes where babies are killed in the name of invented rights, or where, some ‘scientist’ claim to have ‘created’ artificial life or where cloning of other people is looked as some sort of ‘solution’ to who knows what type of problems, or research on embryonic stem cells; has to do with keeping the goodness of science in perspective.
Of course the claim of goodness is made when it is said that the research ‘might’ find the cure for this or that disease and that of course bring up the interest of celebrities suffering that illness to put their support and the strength of their popularity behind these ‘efforts’, and the truth is avoided, because other humans are affected by that research or dismissal of the dignity each and every one of us enjoy from God.
Life starts at conception and through natural life. That, is not a compromise, it is the truth, absolute and unavoidable. So, the mambo jumbo surrounding these ‘debates’ about life, or compromised goodness, sacrificing one to serve another idea of fighting for his/her own life and everything else in the line of selfishness and arrogance, consequence of the misuse of science, is nothing but the same question distorted altogether.
God exists or not? It is not about what god or deity or even the god or a god...
God exists, and He can only be one, living, good, loving, omnipotent and almighty and we all are His creatures and so reason becomes nothing but a process that aligns with His Holy will, His plan for each and every one of us, individually.
Of course there are many religions and even atheists follow their own religion, as wrong they might be.
The question always will be about what god our religion follows and the answer begs to realize that there is and there can only be one and only one living God, despite how much philosophy we insist on putting behind our thoughts, there always will be only one absolute truth and as advance as we become, we must place more into always seeking the truth and the truth is God as He is love and forgiveness, goodness for every one.
Of course, the other answer, the one that claims that God does not exist, has a direct clash with reason and for that matter with science and everything else, to become nothing but a vehicle for the subject to exploit everyone else as a resource found in a universe appropriated to use everything for the satisfaction of the self, where what is created is nothing but a consequence of chance, an accident or anything and so, how it can be then any love exist for our peers if we see them as nothing but, well, just things in our way or for our use?
The point about no god can only belong to that science where reason and faith cannot be put into perspective because they are only the dream or the goal of the one claiming success and nothing else…
The world and science that denies God, which requires putting humanity at the level of irrational animals or even plants, are ones that require for the truth to be relative to each and everyone and to the prevailing of the strongest or more persuasive.
The absolute truth does not require persuasion unless we choose to divagate around it tempting to skew it, loosing it in the darkness of nothing.

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