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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Human rights and personal liberties, Immigration and Freedom

Politicians love the debate on lost causes because they keep the minds of the people away from the true menace that lies behind and they want unnoticed.
This does not recognize frontiers, and it is applied to every political area of thought and location.
Humans have a God given right of movement, of mobility, but nobody has a right to impose upon anyone else' the obligation to hire or recruit or even to feel sorry for them. That is the competence of God.
To feel sorry for someone else predicaments is a duty we all, as individuals, have before God and therefore, if we need and want to offer love and care for someone it is up to us to do so and not something we should try to get the government or the system to force anyone else to do for us.

Illegal immigration is where it is because of what the wrong type of immigrants see as tempting on trying an easier solution to their predicaments. Because politicians use them to acquire votes and because of how they can be forever entrapped into the paws or their own aspirations.
Throughout history mankind has prospered into letting the individual prevail recognizing free will as the responsibility by which leaders and peasants can feel equally empowered to decide on heir own the paths to follow.
The law of the land is the one that commands who can and who cannot engage in business or trade within the confines of the jurisdiction of that law. Which this means is that it is the prerogative of the law to allow anyone to work or not legally in the land because it is in the interest of the community to protect life and freedom.
Who could then be interested on having people illegally in the work force and why?
It is difficult to conceive that it goes in the best interest of organized labor and therefore, even if some of their leaders could envision to have these people in a near future as their new recruits, the idea of amnesty for the all illegal worker cannot be under their best expectations.
Then the group seeing potential reward comes into play, because if by the nature of being illegal, these people lack the ability of recognition in the land as free people that can contribute and be heard, then their wages and conditions would automatically be subject to the condition of slavery.
Should the weight or attention of the law be more on the ones offering these poor people false havens by pretending to provide a way out of the system as long as they stay locked in their places of work; if the law would go after these criminals of enslaving people, giving them harsh sentences, loss of property and privileges; this modern form of slave trade could be controlled and eradicated, perhaps the need to persecute the illegal immigrants might be deemed unnecessary as their number would drastically decrease and the ones left as criminals, true criminals can be more effectively put away and the society rest. Perhaps the qualification of illegal would disappear lost in the futility of the purpose.
If the law would force politicians away from the idea that they can exploit the expectations and aspirations of all these people by offering what goes against the rest of the people, because not only they, the politicians, do not have the legal ability to sell slavery as a way out, but because it is inhuman and offensive to the dignity of the human person, then the motivation might stop and this people would go back to respond according to their own abilities and merits and win their recognition as valuable contributors to society.
Political correctness has been instituted as a vehicle of strength to nullify and silence any potential upraise for principle and justice, to suppress the voices that see the truth as reactionaries to something they like to qualify as progress but which in essence is one of the worst forms of oppression and slavery to the human soul.
Politics do not have the power to break the law. On the contrary, they have a great responsibility for the freedom of their constituents. The apparent power they feel embodied to makes them daring before the law is the people distraction to the affairs they consider to be their own and to have more priority than protecting their own dignity and individuality.
Charity belongs to the individual and if being charitable is seen as a problem, then let the church to openly and freely provide the proper guidance. Throughout the triumphant history of the Catholic church; love and forgiveness have been the expression of Christianity that crystallizes the faith, hope and charity we all have at our disposal.
There is no problem of illegal immigration as there is a problem of legal slavery and abuse.

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