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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How much more to endure

The world is in turmoil. Political correctness has taken over not just the past and the present but the future as well. Collectivism has institutionalized itself as the one and only way to go, where happiness is redefined with respect to the sentiment of the intellectuality preached by the elites and even forced upon the people as some new understanding based on what the community can provide as a right and for which goodness is imperative to surrender our freedom to them because we owe our happiness to them.

We are to understand by decision of the elites that we are equal to any animal or creature on earth as we have accidentally evolved from the same cells or micro-species and so we must be happy in the element the elites decide will make us happy because according with them, we’ve not been create but simply evolve out of, well, it is yet to be explained and the elites will come with something.
The cost of so much happiness demands tributes that need to be captured from the people before the people waste the resources obtained in anything but what the wisdom of the elites finds appropriate and productive.
As we are ready to surrender our freedom to the elites governing our existence, we must be ready to offer to them everything we might otherwise find precious as humans; life and family and marriage.
We will be free to be humans as long as we first, satisfy the thirst of the elites and distribute our resources with them so that they can maintain the ever growing apparatus required to make each and every one happy relative to each and every one’s reality. Hence we must understand that children are not a blessing as they used to be but a load, a luxury the state governed by the elites cannot and must not let go unnoticed because of the unhappiness it brings to the self and who is better than the women that want to enjoy licentious sexual lives to tell how it is. So children are condemned to be destroyed as a right of these women to choose.
The elites have the power to decide over life and death and therefore they have also power over nature and so gender equality provides undifferentiating natures among men and women and because humans have been by virtue of the elites, liberated to the point of finding that their only reason for existence to be sex as a sport or simply as unbound pleasure, marriage has become unnecessary and even trivial and so not only adultery is no wrong any more but marriage is not anymore but a matter for society to look over associating people with people or even people with things for the purpose of tax differentiation or classifications.
To live a lie means to fall into the depths of a fantastic and illusionary world where nothing is important but the self because when each person is a universe, other universes not matter. To embrace a life that is built upon lies can only produce the pure essence of selfishness.
The truth sets us free and is the only possible path towards true and genuine peace and love the only way to find the absolute truth.
Freedom is a gift from God and therefore give use the power to choose and decide by virtue of our free will the path we take in our lives. As this choice can be right or wrong before God, we are accountable to Him.
The gifts of the Holy Spirit, provide us with the necessary elements required to make these choices. Science, Knowledge, Council, Strength, Understanding, Piety and Fear of God; is what makes us distinctively unique amongst the rest of creation, by being created to the image of God, with dignity, individuality and identity.
Only us can use the strength of our relationship with God to counter this one more, revolution, to keep ourselves in the right path avoiding the temptation of artificially constructed happiness.
True happiness will only be achieved by reaching God and therefore the ultimate goal is to die fully reconciled with Him and for this we must be aware of sin and reject it.
As loving creatures we must give and keep giving and forgive and keep forgiving as this is our social condition. We must resist accumulating richness and material gains and property, for the sole purpose of satisfying our own self or our egos. What God gives us must be, by virtue of our own actions, given to our neighbour.
We must re-assume our own identity, individuality and dignity and take back the path to salvation, to God. In the same way the early Christians endured and were able to show the power of their freedom, before the most powerful empire in the world, in the same way, Christians today, must endure and resist the temptations offered by the world and exercise our freedom, gift of God and put our faith forward as our only hope.
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