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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Health Care

Canada for so many years already is experiencing what to live under government health care means and it has been so evident how from carefully managing the economics of the system, it has devolved into a politics of convenience, just granting everything and anything the different minority groups ask for just to avoid the noise and risk to be noticed.
Consequent of that process if the trap of having to elect one after another, wolves under sheepskin, wannabe dictators disguised as truly democratic leaders, who will work as hard as they can to preserve the establishment so broadly propagated as perfect or close to it, but which in reality seriously restricts freedom and ignores protection of life. It is quite different to try to safe the life of a voter than it is to safe the life of just a human being. Throughout history we have witnessed how different one is from the other.

Freedom is a gift from God; we should never get tired of repeating ourselves and loudly and openly proclaiming because when we momentarily put freedom as a secondary priority, it tends to immediately disappear to be replaced by decrees and laws that tempt but don’t produce, that do align with God’s law but adapts to what some self proclaimed minorities want from the rest of the people, most of the times for free.
Under the entrapment of socialized medicine or health care, there are not social safeguards as health is assumed to be a right, an invented prerogative to be claimed from the people on anyone’s behalf, while no self control or attention is given to our own bodies and souls as individuals. Under this illusionary haven, there is absolutely no restriction to the extent costs might be incurred and therefore it is left to bureaucrats and politicians to decide what cause is and which one is not worth of deserving the state approval for care.
As a logical deriving of this paradigm, the production of newly creative ‘rights’ come to be, such as that of a person to have the right to degrade him/herself exposing their bodies to al sort of medically know and proven calamities, or that of women to have the right to choose the death of their offspring, perfectly alive human beings undignified by decree to be at the mercy of the life styles these females refuse to let go after having already exercised the choice they claim being restricted to opt for.
In Canada, people seem used to the establishment, to the point of living pretending to be in some sort of balanced environment, where everything is provided by the government and so the government has a right to take away by confiscating, hard earned resources.
Families of course are dependent upon this very delicately measured resources and therefore, they are left to that so called choice that means that for a woman, being pregnant is not a blessing but a curse and so the state is only very happy to kill the human being in the woman womb and even congratulate and ‘honor’ the killer.
As the population gets more and more scarce due to the imposed reality of damned family life, politicians find in immigration a valuable resource to repopulate the country, not paying any attention of course to the quality of immigration the country is absorbing.
Immigration is of two kinds, of the ones that want to make a new life by contributing to the host country, integrating into its everyday affairs, businesses and life; and there is of course the other kind, the one that literally ‘invades’ the host country expecting to receive everything from it from jobs of any kind to having the host to adapt to their costumes and other things thereby expecting the host country to change for them.
Politicians of course with health care offered free and many other byproducts also offered free as well as grants, subsidies and else; do not hesitate to offer the newcomers of the second type, anything they ask for, because in that way they can assure their seat in government, regardless of if that seat happens to be in the governing party or not, they are all alike.
Under those circumstances, the first agent of change will need to be the people convinced that a change is needed and immediately after the resolve in the people to want the change to take place.
As many people lives convinced that material possessions define a person and that life is made strictly of fan and pleasure; politicians have devised a perfect vehicle to keep the people neutralized in their aspirations because the taxation system really is what makes or doesn’t prosperity possible as institutions friends or under the control of the politicians are very careful in establishing that line of discrimination.
Last but not least is of course academia as no decent job is possible should the subject had not been exposed to the ideas the education system has to offer for the price of graduation.
It used to be that parents dreamed of their children being able to graduate and become productive and professional and the dream was possible because education was disconnected to politics, but this too has been prey of the politicians and so the system is controlled by something called ‘politically correction’ and so nobody can really be free to express any opinion without closely being measured.
The gift of care for our health, the freedom of self control and responsibility has been transformed into a right that removes all of the above for the rest to look after generating an spiral of waste and costly illusions to be sustained by excessive taxation and stagnation.
As the news about the Ottawa Soccer silly resolution to declare looser to any team that dares scoring more than five goals upon their opponents net is shown on the media as a sign of unreality and absurd, what becomes even more absurd is that it is something that is implanted in the culture enough as to make it real.
Our children are being paralyzed s that the system can survive. That is what the fabulous health care system bring when is considered a right and not the responsibility truly is.
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