César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Freedom is a gift from God and therefore does not come without the responsibility of being accountable to its exercise, through choices and decisions of all sorts and kinds, each and every second of our existence.
What God gives, men cannot take away and therefore it is not up to governments or any other institution to deny humans the freedom given upon creation.
The institution of government, administers justice, so when the exercise of freedom invades other people freedom or when represents a menace or a threat to others it is the authority of government invested by God to act in order to protect life and freedom.

Freedom is exercised by choice hence to choose is not a right but the exercising of our freedoms and nothing can be imposed as a right to choose because the act of choosing is already something available to us all at every instant of our existence. What is critical, is the choices we take because of the consequences of the exercised freedom.
There are good choices and bad choices. Good choices take us through the path of truth and love while bad choices take us through the paths of nothingness, of the obscurity of the imaginary, of illusions that only force our senses to surrender ourselves to what is relative to the moment.
Basic and fundamental freedoms are integral part of our nature as human beings and thereby it is not up to human laws to remove them from us, even if there have been many instances in history where we witness how these freedoms have been denied, for whatever the intentions, good or bad.
The truth is one and absolute and is not relative to anything, even if we pretend to position the truth in relation or relative to any point of reference, the truth remains absolute and unique.
Choice is not a right but the exercise of our freedom and be it the choice to pray or let our lives to drift away from God, we must live with the consequences of those choices.
What we can decide through our own choice to do in complete freedom, pretending not to have the freedom to reject or refuse, is nothing but an inescapable choice but still under the freedom to decide and be responsible for our actions.
When we claim for the rest of humanity to surrender their freedom to choose in order to satisfy what we intended with our choices, we are obstructing the truth from ourselves fostering our own destruction. Criminals make the same claim and are asked to be responsible for their actions, their choices.
As perfect as creation is and as susceptible or exposed we are to be born with conditions that defy normality, we cannot impose or claim a fallacious right to perform due to the condition, to choose what is unnatural.
We are different and special in creation because we have the freedom to take the lives God gave us, through the path we chose and we are therefore fully accountable for those actions.
To live free is to live in the truth and to enjoy freedom is to live loving our neighbor as ourselves. Love is only possible by loving God first, over and above anything and anyone as He is love and truth.
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