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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Current economy and political directions, seem to be stuck into the black and white alternative, as being either capitalism or socialism, as if these were always opposed to each other. As capitalism many times makes use of socialism as a way to improve its numbers, socialism often makes use of capitalism as a vehicle to achieve its goals and so centrism becomes a political of choice.
The problem with such a equation is that either side by using the other becomes an extreme to itself and it becomes even worst that by working independently for a more transparent goal.

The people these two extremes of the political and economic spectrum are trying to entice and convince or enroll, is better manipulated while kept in confusion, in the confusion of being at the center, giving them the sense of power of being the diriment force that will determine the counter balance should the scale tend to tilt one way or the other.
Democracy is thereby sold as a government of the majorities exercising that pressure to go one way or the other while keeping the system ‘honest’.
Human nature, nevertheless, is driven by free will, because we have been created that way by God omnipotent and almighty and our social attachment is through love, more than instinct, therefore, when we are imbued into the idea of power and control through possession as opposed to loving our neighbour, the result is to be driven by instinct alone and so to put our free will at the mercy of selfishness and egocentrism.
Hence capitalism becomes accumulating power from money and material gain for the self while socialism, well, socialism is the collective suppression of the individual and therefore it becomes the dream tool for capitalism to control and oppress.
While there is nothing wrong to expect reward for our effort, it is highly improper not to expect to share the opportunities for our own success. This is not preclusion of disclosing industrial or business secrets and patents, but to provide opportunity of growth and prosperity to everyone and everybody, from the individual to society, not, from the society to the individual.
It is quite different to have the law protecting you from the intrusion of government and/or others, than to have the law, imposing upon you the intrusion of government and/others upon you.
Of course there are systems out there that accommodate to few by imposing upon others and in the process, they tailor free will implicitly suppressing it.
This is the case of certain theocracies which instead of having a particular faith as the foundation of their respective organized association and therefore basing their laws and rules according to them while keeping the free will on the people; these tend to force the faith of their foundation upon the people.
The state can claim to protect or profess a specific faith, however, the state will easily tend to become a tyranny should it forget or ignore the free will of the people. The system must depend on human nature and free will.
When humans go on their own, they tend to simply go onto their own in selfishness, forgetting about the social establishment they so loudly claim to foster and protect seeking only what they can get form it dismissing what is for the common good. Common law is not common good and it is not necessarily just for anyone as it submits to the trends of the time what is pertinent to God and God alone, the ultimate judge.
There is where relies, the need for God as the guiding and living participant, because humans can then follow a truth that is absolute coming from Him and not relative to any or many, just Him. Human written law, to be fair and just, must and can only be a reflection of God’s law.
A free society leaves upon the individual to nurture that intimate relationship with God, by being allowed to freely exercise his/her fundamental freedom, particularly that of creed, and then those of association, opinion, movement, etc.
When a society attempts to restrict any basic liberty to ‘protect’ the freedom of others then it’s only imposing or dictating the oppression of one group of people upon the rest.
When the law confuses religious freedom by considering that one faith way of preaching can suppress the other faiths, the law is imposing upon the people that broken faith that requires of force to impose its creed.
The way to work with God is by freely and valiantly exposing the truth for the individual to take the right path, by follow principle over popularity.
Faiths are not equivalent to each other even if some of them share common grounds. Religions are many but as there is only one and can only be one living God, only one religion can own the truth and as God’s reign is not of this world, a religion that is not of this world is the one that will carry the truth of love and peace of faith, hope.
The question is not then about what extreme we are and the answer is not the centre but the truth of faith, hope and love as it is the only accurate perception of reality we need to deal with this world and all of its sins and imperfections.
Qualified extremes only create distances in the universe and perceptions of centrism only generate an elusive comfort that stagnates as living even a single and simplest lie, forces us to live fully in the darkness of what is not real, what is not true and what only can be a dream for everyone, for some a beautiful dream a fantasy, for others, a nightmare without end.
To be equal means to be faithful to God and His creation, not to force equality between people, not to suppress prosperity and growth in the nuclear family or to destroy the essence of that family which is marriage; that essential commitment before God Himself as being His institution, the union of one man and one woman as the only formula for growth through procreation and prosperity through love.
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