César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Etymologically, the word Democracy means the government by the people, uniquely and different from other terminology like plutocracy, which entails the government by the wealthy or powerful; is defined by the people as individuals.
The definition commonly assigned to democracy as the government by the majority or what the majority wants, falls into the area of plutocracy as the will of the majorities can not only be grossly wrong but also ill intentioned or viciously manipulated, thereby constituting the power over the people.
True democracy starts from the individual actually preventing the dictatorship of the majorities thereby guaranteeing prosperity and development amongst families and individuals. It requires of a limited government and of full participation from the people.

God created us as individuals and our relationship with Him is intimate and personal. Our social condition is defined by that personal relationship through the love and dignity with which we have been created. We do possess an identity before Him which is not part of a mass as a disposable element but as a valuable component to contribute to the common good true social justice as established by God not humans, as intellectual or educated they pretend to be.
The government by the individual or true democracy depends upon that relationship with God for the good of fellow humans socially organized or grouped.
Individuality, dignity and identity constitute the solid pillar that supports the prosperity of the human kind, from the individual.
Collectivism, in any of its many forms and shapes, opposes that premise of true democracy and therefore distorts the concept as a government by the majorities as the control by some elite of intellectuals and when challenged, predicates the inclusion of minorities in a permanent dictatorship of stagnation.
The only possible option to allow true government by the individual is by limiting the reach of the system to just and exclusively to what is the common good and social justice but under the control of the individual. Each and everyone equal before the law as we are all equal before God and not necessarily to each other.
If the law demands individuals to be equal to each other then it forces them not to be equal before the law.
Democracy is not a body of government occupied in constantly legislating but of a government legislating to protect the life and freedom of the individual so to allow him/her to act freely and be accountable in his/her actions to God first and the law of the land designed as per God will next.
Any law that imposes upon the individual to renounce to God and His commands is a law that must be not only repelled but disobeyed as it offends the relationship we so closely maintain with Him, our creator.
Ignoring or denying God, does not change the truth of His existence, only set us in the wrong course, a very dangerous path towards damnation.
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