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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ‘cost’ of my freedom, race and spirit

The ‘cost’ of my freedom, race and spirit
How free we are if we ignore our responsibilities, our accountability for the choices we took exercising our free will?
It seems that in a world were God is secondary to the power that money gives; freedom has been equated to the amount of power accumulated but with one catch. The power given by money, by material possession, needs to be fed and grown and in the very moment that some of the benefits of it, is harvested, a thirst fro more immediately surges and the spiral of greed and ambition grows even more and freedom is no more but an enslavement process with no end.

Sell all you have and give it to the poor asked from us Jesus upon being inquired about salvation and He also said that poverty would always be around us, hence His message was not as much for the poor to get rich but for the rich to be free, to reach salvation.
Prosperity is a divine mandate and is to do with the growth of our families and the family of God, the Christian family. Prosperity is not equated to accumulating goods and property, with enslaving our souls to material gains.
Enslaving the human soul is not a matter only of dependency on that spiral mentioned above of greed and ambition which seems without end. The human soul can also be enslaved by other entrapments like the color of the skin.
Racism is a terrible tragedy and needs to be eradicated for the social cost it entails and the individual destruction it carries.
As the media ‘educates’ us all on seeing racism as a problem of the ones that refuse or reject ‘equality’ to other human beings that have the ‘disgrace’ of belonging to a different ‘grouping’; exploiting the ‘problem’; the truth however is that racism is more damaging by that effect fostered by the media for political purposes.
Race is not circumvented to being Black, Oriental, White or Indian, but also is entrenched on tradition and faith, or whatever is picked as an ‘excuse’ to promote political gain based on such a ‘disadvantage’.
Human beings do not need to demonstrate to be equal, because we are already equal before God. We are all individuals love by God and created to His image and that image is to do with our souls and dignity, individuality and identity.
As individuals we are different between ourselves because we have that individuality and to pretend to erased race, faith or tradition, on behalf of a false idea of ‘equality’, emphasizes further these differences making them the only sense or thermometer of prosperity and in the impossibility of reaching that point of ‘equality’, the journey to achieve such a utopia, is called progress.
Progressive thought produces self entitlement and elitism amongst those entrapped in that enslavement of power and control they need to see crystallized over the rest of the people and therefore their first call of the day is to reduce the rest to their minimum common denominator and so the ‘practical’ venue for the purpose is collective submission and their tools of trade are appeasement, equality and fraternity, not love, fraternity. Love is something to becomes forbidden by the law of forging individualism or the seed of discord and distrust so that no selfishness becomes the only compass guide to their progress, entrapping them in expecting always to receive and never give, at least not themselves, as they do expect every one else to give and so it is what their hate is irrigated with, the need to see the powerful take over the ones they consider should give more, but not themselves, never ever themselves.
Love is giving never expecting to receive anything in return. Love is the essence of social care of common good and social justice.
Common good and social justice can be genuine or terribly misrepresented and the former needs only of a individual free of ties to that progress sold so expensively by the progressiveness where freedom becomes only a word as it is disassociated from the accountability that is essential to its nature as the gift from God it is.
Common good and social justice when misrepresented as a political strategy, becomes a vehicle of oppression, intrusion, and submission because it removes from the human soul the true spirit of justice and goodness transforming them into what is beneficial to what the elites define as just and good to what works for the elites. A perception of this is observed on the many long term plans collectivists produce asking always for patience form the people and never producing anything tangible.
What is constantly perceived as failures are never that but consequence of the intrusion or reaction of the ones resisting progress. When the extreme of the objectives of collectivism are revealed, the claim is of being at the center of a political tendency, place that guarantees their harmlessness and which also assures progress towards a middle way Nirvana that will provide a balanced mixed of collective goodness as well as prosperity.
Collectivism and prosperity, in the case of the people, families and the individual; clash as an oxymoron or something that is not achievable because an end cannot be half way as much the goal is hidden it is still the goal. That goal is to make all the people agree to be equal under the condition of surrendering their individuality to elites that will take form them the free will, the power to decide and chose by themselves the achievements or mistakes they want.
Whichever way the perpetual social experiment that is collectivism under any of its many names as contradictory as they are often presented to us; socialism, communism, Nazism, fascism, etc., all of them with the common denominator that requires of elites to dominate the masses; whichever way this is practiced, it goes against the natural relationship that exists in each individual with God our creator.
To love our neighbor after loving God above anything and everything, as we love ourselves, is something that we can only perform as individuals. The state cannot possibly replace the individual on loving the people because for starters; the state is an entity that although made by humans, is not human and therefore it is not capable of loving, of caring, unless it is departing from a person and therefore any attempt of making of the state a loving entity, is nothing but the submission of the free will and individuality to whoever manages the state or what is understood as the government or that power assumed of a role that is confused as that of kidnapping people’s will instead of allowing the people to love as individuals.

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