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César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Canada to commit at least $2B to maternal health program

Praised as a 'victory' for Harper, the big, huge question remains on how is it really that these $2B are going to prevent maternal deaths when the liberal jargon has made sure that 'that' means killing the baby the improperly-called 'mother' simply wants to dispose of because it becomes and 'impediment' for her 'plans'
These news are to be taken cautiously because the people responsible for distributing this, our money, is not challenged on their views and connections with other NGO that are certainly devoted to killing children more than save them.
What Mr. Harper should have done long ago is to make of Canada an abortion rejection nation by letting out of the government the support and financing of this crime as well as to recognize it as murder, what in fact it is. By rejecting debate all he is raising is the doubts about the truth behind these pledges.
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