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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amnistía adios o adios a la amnistía.

Maybe the great majority of immigrants are Spanish speaking and more probable is that most of them are from Mexico, but the truth is that they are form everywhere, because the problem of illegal immigration is not in Mexico or outside, but inside. For the outside, this is only a way to solve their problems of getting rid of the excess caused by their poor caring of their own people.

But perhaps the whole issue can be close to resolution by addressing it at its roots. Myself, being an immigrant to Canada, 34 years ago, I have experienced the frustration of seeing so many come to Canada enjoying all sorts of goodies and gifts not appreciating the fact that everyone else is being taxed to the bones so that they can keep crying for more. Here too, I have witnessed how the laws of collectivist politicians keep upsetting the natural way of things by pretending to be charitable while all they want is votes from the ones they assume are easy to control and whom they must keep under their control.
How about simply applying the toughest laws to the ones that employ illegal immigrants? Like making them loose their businesses or their homes should they are found under such a violation of employing illegal? Leave the illegal just get bored and go back on their own as they will not find source of employment or survival. If they choose to be criminals, then treat them like that not like lost children. No candy for them!
Of course there is the 'majority' of employers of these people who are actually exploiting their desperation and so they are amongst the ones claiming not to do anything because if the amnesty laws is enforced, then they will be forced to pay more to their employees but if in the other hand the law goes the other way, like in Arizona, then they risk the cheap service of these people to disappear.
Should the laws be enforced, the risk of being caught will be converted in the risk of actually not surviving, not sending money home, not making any sense to travel to these successful countries to make a better living.
Politics in their countries of origin will suddenly be forced to change towards making their citizens more accessible to their economies. They’ll be forced to rationalize their government’s sizes and reaches to make them available to the whole population not just the few privileged ones.
It gets better because if the law is enforced for illegal immigration, then it will have to be enforced for the legal ones as well as the people born in the land.
I guess the only problem is then reduced or limited to the application and enforcement of the law. Everything else is accessory and it is actually what, for the politicians is the matter because what they want is votes and if they feel that it is actually inhumane not to provide health care to everyone, it so happens it is the illegal immigrants the ones that probably have to care more of their health, because of that ‘disadvantage’ in their lives.
The real problem will be the health of the legal ones, which have to survive then, the only ones forced, to survive under the monstrosity of the new health care aberration.
I am sure most of the ones out there, illegal to the system, all they want is the opportunity to work, honestly, pay their taxes, and prosper. It is the politicians who make them a division in their theater of operations, like the blacks, women, sodomites, etc. Because they, the politicians, need to dress with their armors and pretend to be the savior knight coming to the rescue of a situation that is only too convenient to them to maintain and never ever contain.
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