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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hollywood finds its way

Arts are the window of the soul someone said, and an illusion, an imaginary idea put into a fantasy or fantastic perspective.
The intentions of the artist are as diverse as the stories that can be constructed and as the variety of messages are there to convey.
Movies have a late entrance in the scene of artistic expressions to share with literature, theater, painting, poetry, sculpture, and music, not necessarily in any specific order. However, moving pictures have evolved to be of the greatest influence in society and be credited with producing a huge impact particularly amongst the youth. As any artistic expression, movies have too their different ranges of quality depending on a variety of aspects and as technology plays more and more a part in the production of any film, the angles under which a movie can be appreciated, vary and multiply.

Nevertheless, the main focus, as in any artistic expression must be maintained in the fact that it is an illusionary world; thereby none of it must be given a hundred percent credibility but be assessed cautiously. Some of the productions out there intent to represent stories based on true happenings or based on some other fictitious pieces of art like novels or other literary efforts and the outcome will always be and ‘adjusted’ version of accuracy.
Many pieces have been presented portraying the wishes of the producers and directors and on how the authors want to present what any other citizen would love to have the opportunity to be entitled to be in position of doing but feels is not.
The truth however is that the common person does have an opportunity to express his/her opinion and voice it out as loud an clear as it is possible and ratings or audience is not the only or real measure but reflection is and the courage to speak up and be opinionated about.
Throughout the history of film and for that matter, of art altogether, the world has witnessed representations of every kind and of every angle to many stories, many with profound social and political impact, and success or failure; have been determined by the way attention is given to the message being conveyed with fear or faith being the only levers to determine the strength of the project. Fear to be dismissed as an outsider in the universe of thought that a particular artist is able to create, regardless of how illusionary or fictitious it is. Faith to maintain the focus in the truth that lays beneath the beauty of words or images, despite how dramatic, tragic or even comic the shape they possess.  The elitism of the critics have made many people blind on following their ‘directives’ regarding this or that piece of ‘art’.
In our days, the focus has gone from one of portraying real life, emphasizing in the values of the family, marriage and the common good and social justice to that of placing the individual at the center, thereby exploiting the childish anxieties of greatness and egocentric fanatics of the most extreme selfishness. The former focus on the individual as a productive and meaningful part of society, the later as a one that forces society as a whole to only and exclusively function on his/her behalf.
The truth always surfaces and comes with crude reality and so, despite the many worthless pieces of sensational violence and pornographic exploitation which are there only to alienate the soul of the weak; most of the many other pieces that have come to present different aspects of life with epic impressiveness or dramatic and even comic or tragic taste, ends up showing the goodness of the truth and of love as the true essence of human spirit and nature.
When selfishness is displayed as a sign of character, the truth emerges to present itself as the genuine worthiness as love, as giving, contradicting what any strong character might ambition.
As throughout history, which is seldom presented ‘as is’ in most scenes, love and truth emerge and show its goodness giving themselves to the spectator for, beyond his/her enjoyment and entertainment, his/her enlightenment, not coming from actors, directors or producers, but from the only source adequate enough to present us such an evidence; the truth and love of God emerging from the self, from that personal relationship of the spectator with his/her Creator.
Fame and power, particularly in Hollywood, often, and most particularly in our times; take the wrong turns when it tries to present its innocuous defense for the killing of the unborn or the portraying of sodomites as dignified human beings because of what they practice and because of what they represent in the social spectrum and which along with selfishness, materialism, hedonism and individualism; tend to skew the focus to what can only be applauded by evil.
However, still the human soul opens to God and if we, as witnesses of the unlike transformation, focus on the individuality, dignity and identity of the human person, we end up finding in most pieces produced, the truth no one is capable of evading or avoiding, of love and care, of faith and hope.
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