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César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, April 16, 2010

The end of politics

As history follows its path, in an era of highly developed communications, becoming more and more difficult to communicate or to convey the truth, people are more prompt to listen, see, or say, than what the truth requires but what their expectations perceive.
Over and over again, the forces of evil seem to have every opportunity they want, every chance they can get, to try to turn into law; what the malign resolves is good for his designs, for the damnation of our once blessed nation and humanity altogether.
Politicians lost in the anxieties of their own selfishness, obsessed by material gain, or simple thirst for power and control; fall easily to what is imbued to them through their weakened wills and even if initially they oppose the idea of destroying life and freedom, their ambition ultimately surrenders to the temptation of being noticed or to preserve the tenure of the privileges they have themselves invented to be elevated above the rest of humanity as an imposed elite.

In the parliament of Canada, as it is the case in many if not most legislatures all over the world; through the last few days, another motion made its way to propose to legalize euthanasia, mercy killing or however this form of murder is called, or disguised as, as it represents a free way to killing the people we all are supposed to love and care for, because what they are, they have been and over and above because God has put them in our path as a gift to our character.
But it has grown inconvenient to keep up with the busy life style of the times or the projections people have in a life of ‘liberation’ and it is imperative to kill in order to succeed.
Also and once again, also in Canada, motions by a relentless opposition are presented, to kill babies, here and abroad, in the name of women apparently ‘suffering’ because their babies cannot be killed or because they are simply ‘alive’ creating them inconvenient, not ‘chosen’ life styles; was put on the table, ready to be scrutinized and debated and although these are for now defeated; the inoperative stagnation of the powers in ‘control’ of politics, find impossible to establish the true course to the reason of their tenures and so they simply let the devil keep banging at the door while the killing continues … until, of course, they are passed for whatever the margin is and at once be institutionalized as the ‘will of the people’, like the fallacy known as same-sex marriage and many other ‘motions’ brought forward against life, freedom and family have been already, in this era of liberalism and collective nirvana; they will be close to impossible to repeal or even rationalize upon, because our politicians will find it too risky for the preservation of their own seats, pensions and other privileges; to become too controversial or too daring and so, the path to hell will keep being paved with the good intentions of the ones that have been elected to serve the people but find more important to serve themselves and so choose to disregard protecting life and freedom. The devil need not to knock anymore, the door is wide open.
The solution that comes to mind is love and truth as the only elements that possibly can turn around the direction and restore humanity to a flourishing civilization.
The simplest ways are often elusive as to protect life, the first and fundamental requisite is to establish its meaning, about life and freedom, the two only true reasons for government to exist.
Life starts at conception and through natural death.
Unless life is understood in that context, whatever the age of the person is, from conception to natural death; nobody can be secure, safe or feel protected, each one is on his/her own.
Because as a complete disregard exists for babies, the same complete disregard will exist towards the elder or incapacitated and also after for anyone else in the way of the so called ‘progress’ as the forces of evil will insist to sacrifice to their materialistic gods for the preservation of their life styles.
The world has been here before. Tyrants and despots of every sort have roamed the earth leaving a bloody path of destruction and death, protecting their own life styles and tenure of power while disregarding life and freedom.
If we consider all human beings to be equal before God and therefore equal before the law, then a clear understanding of what being alive means, has become imperative so to enjoy the protection of the law. Such a ‘motion’ was presented and not even given the benefit of the doubt, only dismissed as unimportant and in reality, in a world were the absolute truth reigns, such a ‘motion’ would not be necessary but we are no more in a world where the truth is absolute but relative to a freedom that is seen as limitless and absolute.
The only way to true social justice is freedom and the only path to common good is love and freedom can only exist with the truth, the absolute truth.
To deny or even negotiate either reduces the strength of the truth to a meaningless concession that includes the power of controlling politics to keep them away from corruption.
Sadly, we do not live in such a world any more because the leaders of the times keep too busy minding businesses that are not their own like maintaining the financial forces from collapsing while letting individual finances collapse as their vital resources are diminished to satisfy a myriad of so called ‘social programs’ that are nothing but gifts from the state to the ones that are chosen to put a blind eye to their excesses. 
It cannot be up to the state to say or to capriciously decide who lives or who dies merely because some noisy women under the masquerade of feminism, refusing to be mothers, want to call for a fictitious right to choose when and how a person is to be called a human being, to be at their own discretion. It cannot up to the state to say either, because some improperly called ‘doctors’ want an extra line of business and instead of saving lives, they want to destroy them.
In the same token, it is not up to governments to provide welfare or charity as any minimum attempt to go through that route will immediately distort the meaning of government, transforming it into a corrupted cave where parasites and predators share the blood of their productive victims.
History has witnessed pharaohs, emperors, and kings destroying life, killing babies, new born, and first born, pursuing to perpetuate their kingdoms, ignoring the law of God and the nature of humanity, and its dignity, individuality and identity.
The time has come and never more appropriate than now, when we commemorate the greatest event in history, the passion of our Lord Jesus and His crucifixion, His sacrifice for all of us and His Resurrection.
What better time than when we commemorate the Passover and the liberation of the people of God from the yoke of slavery.
Should we all be blessed with getting our politicians to find the resolve and courage to get to the point an for once and for all establish that a human being is alive from the moment of conception until natural death, that would be the only boundary needed, as each and every one of us already possess from creation; dignity, individuality and identity, what makes us before the law the human persons we are before God.
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