César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Healthcare cannot but to include abortion

Healthcare as the social concept that is introduced and in many places imposed by collectivism, because it is presented as a right, as opposed to being a responsibility of each and everyone to themselves and to the rest; cannot but include tacitly and unavoidably the destruction of human life or as it is named abortion as well as euthanasia. The key word is in what a right constitutes versus what a right is, as the expression of human freedom given by our creator, the One and only living God.

Our basic freedoms cannot override someone else’s freedom without the responsibility that it involves. Thereby freedom is closely attached to responsibility and consequently, accountability.
Rights as are presented in the collectivist world of virtual reality are only vehicles of convenience that present freedom as unaccountable acts with unlimited reaches recognizing no boundaries.
Ironically, it is that insistence on inventing imaginary rights that becomes an impediment to true freedom as the exercising of the most fundamental liberties becomes trumped by the imposition of someone else claim of their own customized rights being infringed.
Freedoms are suppressed so that others are not accountable to their own choices, excesses and licentious live styles.
Hence, abortion as a ‘right’, as fake as it is, will have to be included in any equally fake ‘health right’ bill, just because it is the purpose and only purpose of such a bill. To control politics over life and freedom.
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