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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Canada Economic Plan

As I am noticing more and more and for a long while already, these commercials for the government of Canada about the Canada Economic Plan, I cannot help but notice some problems with it. Of course, on top of the fact that the government of Canada is actually abusing the money it confiscated from my earnings, not allowing me the necessary cash flow to survive, investing instead in its own not so cheap propaganda.
First problem: This is collectivism. See it as communism, socialism, Nazism, whatever[ism]; it is collectivism.
Second problem: The government asks ¿What is in there for you? So, the government is instigating individualism or more properly put selfishness. Through individualism, the government is obscuring individuality. 

Isn’t anyone asking; what is doing for the community, the common good, social justice?
I know, collectivists, keep claiming that they are the right representatives of common good and social justice because they know better than us, the people, because they are the elites. We all know they are only saying that because it is the tool they use to get everyone under their yoke.
The types of jobs that this stimulus plan offers are government dependent jobs. Because even if they can claim that it is private businesses that are hiring to do these jobs, the outcome is that they are doing it with money that is being confiscated directly from us through income taxation or through taxing businesses that should really be hiring according to what the people wants in the free market and not what the friends of the politicians can ‘convince’ their planted friends on imposing. The people is not participating in the economy, only government friends and the ones that become lucky enough to get the call from the government. These jobs are not providing any prosperity only propaganda for the government.
You might jump and ask if the people would prefer to be out of work and the answer is that no, the people prefers to be working, but under their own control in freedom.
If you find this ‘solution’ so appealing, why not just close every business and make it a government deal to occupy every one of us, like in the old Soviet Union or the utopia communists used to dream about?
A true economic plan needs to stimulate the economy eliminating taxes, income and corporate and capital gains and gas and so on and so fore. There are so many taxes that it is literally impossible to put them in any list. Yet they are all the ones causing the economy to stagnate to the level of, in your eyes, needing to hire for public services in excess of what the different local governments can or should be able to provide. Are you planning to build a pyramid too somewhere?
The Canada Economic Plan is nothing but a vehicle of perpetuating oppression and government intrusion. It is one more statement by corrupted politics that tells to the people that we are not capable of dealing with our own problems and situations that we are a bunch of inept idiots that all have in our brains is sex and so we are only good to kill babies and destroy family.
The Canada Economic Plan does not belong to a free society and certainly does not belong to a political party that calls itself ‘Conservative’
I guess that is the true reason for these ‘plans’. They’ve been available in the old Soviet Union and they are available in places like Cuba, China or Venezuela, and it is available in Canada because politicians after all, are the elites that keep asking themselves the same question they want the people to ask themselves.
What is in there for me? And for them, there is plenty… 
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