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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marriage to the devil

Dear Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada:
Oh Canada! Our home and native land!
Allow me to start this note in the same way our national anthem starts, after all it has been repeated many times lately in the Olympic games in Vancouver and for which we can all feel proud.
God keep our land glorious and free!
This is another piece from our anthem which, although repeated with it in the Olympics; has not been paid too much attention for the many years the Parliament of Canada decided to break with Him and go its own way and of what we have evidence today and will have for many generations to come.
After this proroguing of Parliament which does not mean the country stops working and hopefully it does not mean that everyone of you had stopped working; a new budget is coming where yet more predicating of the government taking care of all of us will be included and there is even the voices that say that the deficit will be increased which probably mean that we can say good bye to any expectations for any reduction in taxes while we can count on an increase in expenditures. This surely will guarantee the tenure of power in the hands of our politicians and less and less power in the people.
Meanwhile, the official opposition is devoted not just to keep killing babies in Canada, but they want to put pressure for every one of us finance the killing of babies abroad. Of course the phantom reason is care for women when we all know that it is to pay to certain institutions for their membership.
Of course the rest of the opposition is not any better because on one side, the treason side; they keep insisting, with all the pulpit they need, in that now that we are killing babies, we should kill the elder too and perhaps the incapacitated, because they after all are supposed to be a nuisance to the ones that are supposed to love them.
And that take us to the other group in opposition, because this one have a much distorted concept of what love is. They think is completely and totally based on sexual intercourse and so, they do not mind the gender; they think love is sex and between whoever and even whatever is on the way. They have too obtained their pulpit to promote the destruction of marriage and of institutionalizing sodomy as a religion.
Sadly, the damnation is not a monopoly of the opposition because the government, that you preside, has chosen to ignore what is real or more clearly, the truth about our culture and has decided not to even discuss what these killing are doing to our country. The claim is that there are many much more important ‘issues’ which need to be taken care of.
Amongst them of course is that of changing from a minority onto a majority government and for which the strategy appears to be to simply be worst than the other three in record by just imposing a rule of silence.
By now there is probably little doubt on why is that I have chosen to put in the subject of this note ‘married to the devil’ because this marriage is between Parliament, including the government and the malign.
How is all this related to the budget? You might ask… if you are at all paying any attention to this and other missives from the people.
The fact is that ever since the beginning of the XX century, the currents of thought by many self declared elites; have imposed upon the people, taxation in a way that was not conceived before; Income taxation by confiscating from the earner of the fruit of work, before it could even pay acquired obligation and despite weather, war, and other calamities; a significant portion of those earnings.
Of course, politicians like vampires, which are mythological relatives to the devil, once they taste blood, they just cannot stop sucking it and so, income taxation have not only grown but expanded into a whole industry of damnation. Vampires might be imaginary but the devil certainly is real and has found a home in the Parliament of Canada to apparently live happily ever after.
Income taxation is the source of so many diseases that plague our world today, because it has impulse fear, intimidation, invasion of privacy and even obstructionism and thereby originated a tremendous incidence of stress which we can see reflected in so many illnesses going from cancer and diabetes, to many other conditions. It goes in complete opposition to our most basic freedoms.
There are alternatives to income tax and sure, our politician are exploring them, but as an addition to it which adds to the problem. Gas taxes, capital gains taxes, everything taxes, and all of them keep piling up and all of them are being sold as the state truly and surely doing for us what we supposedly cannot do for ourselves… while businesses cannot compete because competition becomes forbidden by greed, of our politicians and their friends.
The only just and reasonable tax will be a transaction or flat tax, removing all of the others. Eliminating corporate taxes of every kind as well as exemptions and deductions and yes, reducing the government in size and function.
Well this is where you can really claim a place in history, by being the strong leader we have been expecting to see since you occupied that seat on 2006, by having the courage to give back to the people the dignity to resolve their own problems with humility and love. You, as the ‘leader’ are at this time our only hope to establish that connection back with the people and convey the message that this government can and will take away from the devil our women and men damned by a culture of death and destruction.
The only function of government is top protect life and freedom… and nothing else. The people are perfectly capable of doing the rest with the help of God. 
César Fernández-Stoll
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
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