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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Better than other

(A note sent to Canada Minister of Finance)
As almost daily, we read about how better Canada is versus other economies… I wanted to volunteer some thoughts.
Yes, Canada is ‘relatively’ in better shape than many other countries and very particularly of that of the United States and Britain. But the comfortable point assumed, of feeling the effect of ‘enjoying’ the goodness of our politics and politicians playing on us, or better said is, with us; is nothing to feel comfortable about.
Granted, there are many who jump in celebration about the so called ‘Canadian way’ of fiscal responsibility through a grown collectivism, slowly but ‘safe’ and which now has on one side a leader of the opposition asking not just to keep killing babies but on expanding the reaches of their success because the rest of the world ‘deserves’ the gains of this system his
predecessors have created for us, where individuals are not that, and dignity is delicately and carefully associated with what is collectively apt to be politically correct and of course, you, are giving them credit for this success, this modern era ‘pax romana’ which forces everyone to just abide to the state wishes and to feel ‘happy’ about it because it is what the state wants and the state knows better.
On the other hand of course is a government, paralyzed by its tenure of being in minority and therefore, presumably defeated by the winds of the collectivism it has found and which we must now ‘tolerate’ so that we can continue being better than others.
The truth is however that many in Canada have lost their dignity by pretending that they have no role to play on anything because it is our politicians’ role to rule or command what our senses should perceive and how frozen our brains must be, nodding to every ‘good’ news the media says we have and must just keep smiling.
Of course, the Canadian system, following the directives of the world, that it claims to be ‘better’ than most, has its own stimulus plan and politicians across the country, not businesses and risk takers, not entrepreneurs nor the workers, just politicians; are enjoying the fruits of that stimulus and are presenting us with an image that tell us that there is work all around us and that the economy is healthy and that… well, who cares about the money anyways, everybody knows that if the government needs more… the people is so happy, that it will be just thrilled to pay more in taxes. Politicians have all figured out and the media keeps praising their successes as a collective society.
The liberal governments have brought us to where we are and the conservatives or better said; progressives; have taken us to a Nirvana where children can be killed and we are feeling terrific because a woman can keep with her life even if her child cannot, doing what she feels which is the only thing she is good for. Where families are nothing but groups of people associated as related to what they can be designed by the media when they need to make the people ‘feel’ good by decree. Where marriages are nothing as well because the media has found a way to make us believe that love, is not giving and not in our hearts but somewhere else in our bodies, we are not supposed to control and which children and older, must be subjected to, because they, absolutely have not way to control themselves and therefore they have the duty to ‘teach’ us all how to not-control ourselves. And the process of nullifying our humanity continues rampant and inexorably because the liberals managed to impose upon of all of us a ‘better’ than other world of nothingness and the progressives in power are just preserving the imposition.
As another Ash Wednesday rapidly approaches, we are stuck in the paganism of the carnival that precedes it and as we feel so terrific and enjoy the fact that we are still in better shape than others regardless of how much we need to contrite about loosing the humanity given to us so that we can be special while closely guided by God and His sacrifice that redeemed us; we insist on keeping that humanity lifelessly lost while we celebrate the world where we, are better than others because we decide who lives and who does not while we worship ourselves. .
Perhaps we should give it a second look and see behind that smoke and mirrors Canadian politics show and realize that life as we know it keeps drifting away because our children and soon after our elders and incapacitated, are being or will be killed and eliminated in the name of trying to build that society ‘better than other’ and marriage and family are being destroyed in the name of constant pleasure in the spiral of hedonism these gurus of being better than others have brought us.
Perhaps this lent give us a very distinct time in history to wake up and stop being better than others and just be good to our one and only God, respect life and prosperity by embracing faith, hope and love God over and above everything and to our neighbor as ourselves.
César Fernández-Stoll
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