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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is Jesus party

Peace on earth
That the dignity of the human person be recognized throughout the full life, from conception to natural death and beyond
That peace reign in truth and love
That freedom prevail in our relation with the only true and living God
Once again we are going to get ready to celebrate Christmas, the coming of the Messiah, the birth of Christ our Lord, God made man, born human from Virgin Mary, conceived immaculate and from whom by grace of the Holy Spirit Jesus came to the world our savior, the messiah.
Beyond the historical fact, strong in its own way as Christmas have been celebrated through two thousand years, the mystery of birth of Jesus Christ, has always a celebration of peace and hope, of salvation and so it is unavoidable to focus the message of this event around the presence of
Jesus, Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the adoration by shepherds and kings and so on. However, the center becomes even more remarkable because of the humility of the event.
The adoration of our Lord Jesus born in Bethlehem, brought gifts to him in humble veneration, from kings and paupers, which represented surrendering everything to the real and true King, gifts which made people give to each other and to the less fortunate and needy.
Many saints throughout the many centuries of celebrating Christmas have gone out of their way to make the most poor enjoy a moment to celeb rate this wonderful event embodied in love and hope bringing up faith.
There is no question about the meaning of Christmas centered in Christ and so it is impossible to celebrate Christmas without Jesus being at the center of the event.
There is no Christmas without Jesus; there cannot be Christmas without Christ
Materialism and selfishness, reflected in deplorable cowardice, have contaminated the celebration of Christmas by transforming the spirit of the event into a competition of receiving of fantasy and even denial of the truth of the incarnation.
This is a season for giving and this is a season for hope, of faith and gratitude to our Lord God, the only omnipotent and living One.
The only way to celebrate and enjoy the birth of Jesus is by focusing first on Him, centered on Him, our Messiah, our Savior.
To pretend this celebration to be something else, or to claim some sort of equivalence to other celebrations that by chance of time happen on the same date or close to it, is to deny either, because there cannot be any other celebration when and if Christmas is celebrated and if it is celebrated as Christmas is to be celebrated, then there is room for everyone because it is the spirit that is powered by love, the love of Jesus and He does not recognize selfishness.
The spirit of Christmas is Jesus

This is a holiday because it is a holy celebration; this is not a holiday of confusion but of assertion, a defining moment in the history of the world and the universe, because it celebrates the birthday of Jesus, the only Son of God and the second person in the Holy Trinity.
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