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César Fernández-Stoll
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not letting a crisis go wasted

Politics is the science of perception, so it is understood in what is known as democracy and for that matter on every other regime, until of course, it is time to ignore the people, openly and blatantly.

It is with that perception that votes are issued on behalf or against some particular candidate or political tendency, obtained following one or many illusions that supposedly are going to make thing easier and people happier.

Like it or not to admit it; we are all politicians, only some of us take decide to offer ourselves in the body of government, and only some of us truly and dutifully are there to serve the people rather than ourselves.

These two distinct type of politics work on different types of perception, because while the ones that see an interest in serving the people, are interested in principle over popularity, the ones that want to be served by the people, are interested in popularity alone, completely ignoring what principle might be.

Flourished language like the song of the sirens is like a stupefacient that produces illusions in an imaginary world placed always in a future, relying heavily in a change of the present being an unsatisfactory one, full of unhappiness with plenty of change in mind and so thirsty of hope and hunger of audacity to produce that change.

In order to present this mirage, this imaginary idea of paradise on earth, that happiness and fullness, it becomes imperative to produce characters that are popular enough if at all artificially made so, death or alive and institute them as elites from which their word becomes not challengeable, indisputable, ridiculing anyone that dares to question their validity. What better place to produce them than at academy.

Communism is not death because it never existed while communists abound looking for that critical moment to jump in and grab the opportunity to make it count towards the utopia of the fallacy of Marxism and all the other philosophers of collectivism.

Every minimum chance these artists of illusion can get to enjoy, if briefly, power and control over the people that so naively elect them, they inject their poison and carefully ‘progress’ towards serving the only master they acknowledge, themselves. No attention is put to the consequences that affect the people but to the depth of their decisions because they will eventually serve the purpose of working for their own self.

The arts bring us into a world of illusions much as the ones some politicians can or want to produce and so artists tend to be more accustomed to that universe where the scene is created and molded according to the wishes of the producer or the director, where they can remove characters or insert new ones, at will with only the objective of the particular comedy or drama to fulfill. As these people feel entitled to produce and destroy characters and landscapes as well as scenarios; they certainly see no issue on feeling any contempt for real life as they get confused in the true meaning of their own existence rising over and above everyone.

Collectivist schemes appeal very much to politicians who pursue popularity and the artistic environment seeks popularity too, therefore both tent to associate with each other with the object of making the people look at them first and to the truth last. Because by creating realities relative to their own expectations, or ‘truths’ relative to their illusions they can control exercising their power of the masses.

When critical situation emerge, be these because of imponderable or incontrollable events or because other situations that end up being fabricated or consequential to their own designs, they tend to portrait as saviors therefore focusing the people expectations in the worshiping of their egos.

Under this ‘circumstances’ there is very little wonder when one of these collectivist or elitist minds, openly expresses the opportunity of a crisis not to go wasted as it is for them the chance to, if at all, slowly and calmly, fundamentally change what for so many years have been instituted as the roots of the society and with that change, destroy every principle based on solid and absolute truths, converting them into relative axioms of social justice or common good.

Across the world, as in the United Sates today, it can be observed how collectivist politicians have emerged, exploiting crisis upon crisis, that in most cases were product of their own manufacturing, to abuse the people wishes and aggressively push for that transformation, the quickest and sooner the better.

Amongst the axioms that have been implanted as crisis and which have been exploited not wasting the opportunity to change what was not needed are, the fallacies like blaming children for preventing prosperity, global warming, abusive parenting, the church raping children, uncontrolled greed of capitalism, and many more, which selfishness and hedonism have transformed to their profit by instituting the systematic killing of babies and elders under masks of compassion, infinite control by governments manipulated by the elites on how the environment, food and health must be imposed upon everyone, the destruction of marriage and families by imposing the fallacy of same-sex marriage and the so called gay equal rights which in essence diminishes all the real human rights and principles into a nothing subjected not to offend sodomy under the pretense of tolerance, excessive regulatory measures which strangle the markets destroying the most basic freedoms.

Crisis upon crisis as they come and go, are presented as a consequence of lack of control or regulation while human involvement is reduced to just what governments are to provide them or dictate.

Human nature distinguishes itself over and beyond the rest of the creation, because it poses gifts end enjoys virtues with which God has purposely blessed us for our own identity and individuality and which give us the dignity no other being has.

Freedom is a main condition of that dignity and separates our action from the ones purely instinctive, and allows us to control those instincts so that we can better serve the purpose we as individuals have within God’s plan.

Crisis will come and go, and as they shape before us in a myriad of forms, faith is was must brings us to cope eliminating fear, hope is what will prevail from what God designs are disposing of despair and defeatism, and love, the act of giving without expecting receive anything as retribution, is what makes us reach God.
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