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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A tax collector transformed

Saint Mathew was called by Christ to follow Him from being a sinner as a tax collector and so he not just abandoned the practice but also he invited to his house all sorts of sinners in order for them too be able to share the word of Jesus
Still tax collecting as it was then identified as a sin it so in function to the activity that requires confiscating form the people denying the virtue of love and their just participation in the common good.
Give to Caesar what is of Caesar and to God what is of God. This does not imply an open opportunity for Caesar to deprive his people of the necessary resources to sustain individuals and family or to grow and multiply because still the most important commandment of the law of God, giving Him what is His, is to love Him over and above everything and anything, closely followed by loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. Hence it is not of Caesar to appropriate the virtue of love on behalf of the people.

It is important nevertheless, not to, loose focus on that first commandment and not to get distracted by what Caesar does as opposed to what Caesar is preventing which is the freedom to worship the true God with our faith, hope and charity, not through the state but with our hearts as the source of our love for our neighbor.
Taxes do have a function in society and each and every member must pay his/her contribution to the existence of the government that must administer the common necessities of the people like what is required for its defense or communications and so forth and with the clear consideration that these are to be as little as possible as all of the services a person can provide to him/herself must be source form their own hearts and not from the state which has a mandate to serve the people and not the other way around.
Throughout history taxes has been over and over the matter of dispute against tyranny and reconciliation with the truth has come always as a reaction to the oppression originated from the abusive and despotic collection of taxes.
The legend of Robin Hood is not the legend of a thief robbing the rich to give to the poor but of someone capturing unfairly charged taxes to give them back to the people suffering under the tyranny of a government supported by some ‘connected’ lords abusing that relationship to increase their power and control.
The American Revolution was born as a consequence of unfair taxation rejecting the tyranny of colonialism and consequence of it a country was born in the name of individuality against the collectivist concept of taxation and big government.
In the dawn of the XX century after Darwinism in the XIX put its influence forward and Karl Marx along with many other philosophers that precluded the rise of elitism; even though taxation has been taken and understood as a necessary contribution for the common good, its application has been multiplied and over applied and the opportunity presented by the Great War or World War I, of its tremendous and horrendous due to the emerging use of technology for the purpose of destruction and death, a new type of modality was conceived, as usual presented first as temporary, only to affect the very rich and at a minimum and very marginal level, but which time and very bad policies made it permanent, universal and constantly growing while never satisfying.
Darwinism, collectivism and elitism over and beyond the many wars and the extremes of destruction and desolation; it has brought a new type of slavery which is framed in the idea of care of the individual by the state which in essence means the empowerment of the state by the individual and which in term means the surge of individualism and selfishness as politics empowers anybody to demand under the clout of democracy and the misconception of the government  by the majority but without leaving ‘anyone outside’; to make demands that reduce freedom to licensing and the dictatorship of the few that have the control over the political pulpit.
Consequence of this innovating idea of citizen participation, human dignity gets reduced to what the state dictates is limited with the consequent destruction of human individuality and identity in favor of a mass of human degradation that will accept anything, starting from dismissing God as well as fostering the destruction of family and marriage and with them future generations advocating the invented right of women to chose murdering their children in the name of not letting their lives to be upset by their own actions.
Human nature is not a choice between capitalism and communism or for that matter; a ‘kind’ of collectivism, but really the communion with God, our only living One who created the whole universe and Who has power over everything.
Choice is what we use to progress, for good or bad while the freedom of making our choices determines our accountability over our actions.
Good choices produce prosperity and benefit us in our progress, bad choices, depending on their nature should make us reflect upon them and seek reconciliation.
The same choice that made a tax collector follow his true master abandoning an apparent better life, is the one we are prompted to make to follow the same master, our Lord Jesus, abandoning the idea that we will be doing any good by relinquishing the mandate we have to love God first and our neighbor as ourselves on behalf of a soulless state abstract in its procedures and sterile in results fed with the thirst of growth and prosperity of so many.
The same choice will prompt us to abandon ourselves and use charity as our beacon to maintain course towards the truth which is contained in love which starts with the family God has given us to protect and nurture to grow in Him.
The same choice will prompt us to abandon sinful deviations that destroy marriage, family and nature pretending to represent compassion and tolerance while poisoning the soul of the innocent with their venom of selfishness and subhuman degradation.
The same choice will prompt us to follow the only law foundation of every law abandoning any potential misrepresentation or fraudulent representation of the truth.
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