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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good versus evil

As in many instances in the past, going back all the way to the beginning, the world, we witness a battle, one where no nations are involved but just two sides and the defined fronts depend on the warriors and not on where they are.
The enemy is one that has defies God attempting to be like Him, betraying His goodness and omnipotence, is the devil himself and his hordes of demons and filth spirits condemned forever to perish infinite deaths burning in hell. These forces fight against human kind because they have been defeated by God already the infinite times they have attempted to go against Him.
The good side is the side of God who in His infinite love, He is helping us be protected against that menace which infinite number of times tries to break our convictions and our love for our creator.
In our times, as in infinite number times before, there is no difference and the threat is again of evil trying to present itself as more powerful than God.
The first strategy against God has always been to deny the existence of not just the devil but of God Himself, because in this way, humans become isolated and helpless and therefore, an easy prey. Human nature without God becomes fearful and hopeless and thereby lacks its ability to love and care for anyone else but him/herself.
In this process of damnation, many aspects are presented to us on how to best worship ourselves very conveniently putting us at the centre of our existence and therefore the only focus in our existence becomes the devil himself.

Of course, many other characters exist contributing to feed this clamor for the self keep circulating around that expectation while they claim to be the only keepers of the knowledge required to achieve such a goal, of being at the centre of everything.
The reality however, is that these elements, these elites, become also interested in their own prevalence and emergence above the rest and so they dare dictating what the real path of submission it is for them as if pagan gods had suddenly resurged and claimed back their place in human development not only humanizing and multiplying divine prerogatives but as well dehumanizing their followers as they are to concentrate, focus; strictly on what is the self and the enhancing of their own egos on whatever the area of involvement happens to be appropriate.
It is hardly possible to attain such ambition by allowing the truth around persistently discrediting and preventing the universality of their objectives. As it was at the time of rebellion from Lucifer and its hordes, it is now in a very current and crude reality. Evil as clearly defined as the absence of good, clearly as well requires its defeat.
Truth and love is what the only living God is and the only way to reach Him. One way, as there is no separation between them or any parallelism, but just one single path towards eternity and happiness and the course needs to be maintained in that path undistracted and if falling, promptly getting back into it.
Our times are no different than many other instances in history and suffering and destruction has been before utilized by the worshippers of Satan as the vehicle to kidnap dreams and illusions and drive them in a path of mirages where the truth is distorted or skewed and where love has been presented as a quest towards self satisfaction and fulfillment, of self adoration and pleasure, be it sexual or of any other kind, but always dependent on the self and the ego, on the I and the me.
We must no fear and keep our faith which is the compass of our course in truth, with hope through charity which is love for our peers and neighbors, the essence of giving to at the end receive eternal life.
The winds of the times announce nevertheless their relative truth about good and evil being relative and inexistent as absolutes and in that relativism, God is placed aside as an antique out of currency that served its purpose but which is not needed any longer because humans are ‘in control’. The fallacy of such an expectation only reflects the decadence of the times, as it has been before it is now, in a new cycle towards destruction.
God is alive and well, and He and only Him is the One needed for our salvation and us humans do not have the power to dismiss Him but to ourselves due to our own inequities.
God is constantly and persistently waiting for us, looking for us, expecting us, and it is up to us, by virtue of the freedom with which we’ve been blessed upon creation to open our hearts to Him and to love Him over and above everything and anything, and our neighbors as ourselves, as that is the pure essence of loving, and what good is all about.
God loves us to the extent of sending His only Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way of the truth to the ultimate sacrifice, for the forgiveness of our sins for the redemption of the whole humanity. He brought us His peace and gave us His peace, and He too, brought us division consequence of that freedom to choose between truth and relativism.
Everything and anything we need to live and be happy, we have by virtue of creation with love upfront as the highest human manifestation and truth as our guide.
We must pursue peace founded in truth and supported by love. Without God in our lives, no peace is possible .
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