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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where to go

As history unravels an persistently repeats itself while stubbornly as well as blindly, insists on our helplessness and the futility of our participation in assisting to the common good and justice, we look back and see how progress
in essence means nothing but a moment in this path, this journey to the end of time. Progress is nevertheless what differentiates one moment in history to the next.
History show us a trail of destruction and despair of blood and tears and of tyrants and despots many times over defeated only to surge back in the faces of other characters some times worst than their predecessors.
Hope has always come to everyone’s eyes and the expectative to finally find the ultimate peace only to find that illusion shattered under someone’s greed and ambition if not arrogance.
However, history and time relentlessly move forward and event upon event tend to show the worst in humans very particularly in those claiming to own them both, of course because in the momentum defined by that time and space they happen to be overwhelmed by the power of material possession and control over what is tangible to his/her eyes and of the common bystander.
Perhaps the best description for our predicament resides in that sole premise, the fact that people become bystanders, mere spectators to the unraveling of so much injustice and abuses in the name of what the few understand as progress under a very thick glass filtering only the light of their own ambition.
Following the mandate to grow and multiply, it is prosperity what humanity is to pursue, from the individual and family towards to society as a whole.
The people, however, since ancient times have been shown comfort and plenty when this was appropriate for the specific mean of enslaving other people, in some instances to the point of sacrificing them in the name of purposely built gods only available to the ones that have positioned themselves in power and control.
Progress has been misconstrued as the prosperity we all must aim for.
As history advances inexorably towards the end of time, progress takes different shapes and while in times of peace this development is perceived as good for society and civilization, the forces of evil have exploited this progress towards the destruction of humanity, denying our individuality and identity in the name of statistical models that are there to command instead of to be used for the common good.
Progress becomes the goal while prosperity becomes only a benefit for the few that keep worshipping it, completely forgetting the individual, the family and the society as a whole.
Statistics cannot separate from the fact that there are many ways to count groups of people under similar circumstances and conditions, still the keyword in this affair is people as it is the circumstances and conditions of people as individuals what is being throw into accounting for a purpose far from taking into consideration the individual but just a sampling object from a population.
It is so the participation of the individual as such what needs to come forward and become the commanding factor in the decisions that compete to the common good and social justice.
As hardly two or more individuals will enjoy identical points of view on everything or anything, all it can be counted on is the grouping and for that is that since the beginning of time, people have gathered together in tribes, kingdoms, nations, and so on, form the bottom up, from the individual to the society.
Under this premise, it is then that the course of history moves for the proper achieving of the common good to allow the individual participation. Other trends pretending to establish history in a path where the individual gets diluted into the supposedly wish of the masses or from the society down, result in going backwards in their journey.
A definitive demarcation between the former and the latter is the recognition of God as our creator because it is required of a tight and close relationship with God for the individual to recognize his/her dignity, identity and individuality. In order to ‘sell’ the idea of a society where the individual is not one but just a piece, disposable and malleable it is required for God to be taken out of the way while instituting the dominance of some over others as still the requirement of a model exists.
God has brought us many times His revelations and has showed Himself to us so that we can keep course and if in the ancient world after the great flood, the surging of a new era of peace was made possible, soon the ambition of who had been given by God the task of guiding his people in the journey through this world, forced the people under his leadership to follow his own need to be like God and so arrogance exploded onto many nations across the planet.
It is clear so the understanding of the way history moves and on the many peoples of the many places arrogance, evil and ignorance manage to distort that relationship with our creator allowing, despite His constant calls for attention, to descend towards the nothingness of worshipping false gods and many gods.
Reconstructing such a puzzle to restore God’s people to the right path, the absolute truth and to once more embrace the love of Him, has been in the infinite wisdom of our creator, started by the election of a chosen people where to put the seeds of salvation in preparation to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and then under the custody of the church through the Holy Spirit.
Christ is the culmination of history and the only objective and everything else only accessory to that goal, or to the refusal of it.
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