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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The thing about racism

While we laugh on the last ‘blonde’ joke and we look at the political scene and observe how the election of a black president in the United States becomes a major threshold in the process of cultural integration; we think about how other culture divides can make good use of this experience and we praise the Lord for the gift of putting an end to the racial divide.
Yet, it seems in the world there is no particular race or culture, that can escape untouched from stereotyping, and the occurrence of one particular event as meaningful as it might seem to be, is nothing but an opportunity to advance other issues in the political agenda not letting the opportunity pass without taking advantage of precisely the issue that is supposed to ‘end’ it all.

Racism is a very bad thing, as it has been before and it is today. Regardless if it is the KKK or Nazism or the apartheid in the republic of South Africa or Rhodesia (today Namibia) or Rodney King or many other examples, millions of them; that plague the history of the world, only because the purposes of bringing race forward, has always been, is and forever will be, the interests hidden behind, perpetuating the problem rather than making any progress in the fight against it.

To elect a president in a country like the United States, a republic with a congress and a senate and with the three powers of the state clearly defined and a constitution and so on, means basically defining policy and nothing else… unless of course, powerful interests hide behind making sure the republic is not one as conceived to be and the constitution is transformed from an static document onto some ‘living’ one, altered as those interests decide is convenient to them and change is perceived as a transformation of the republic into some sort of tyranny driven by a sentiment of guilt about something that will not be possible to remove from history because it belongs to the past but very much entrenched in the minds exploited by the tyranny in the name of making racism disappear. Under such a premise, the issue, instead of being the protection of the republic, becomes intentionally, the quest for its destruction while making perpetuating racism a goal.
Black people in the United States, after the end of slavery and the civil war, has suffered a long and dramatic process of adjustment, not just because of accommodating to their newly gained condition but because of the people at the other side of the equation, are also in need to adjust and understand the change. This predicament is shared by other cultures which out of historical persecution or unsettled scores, keep being conveniently resuscitated over and over again.
After a civil war that only produced divide, truth is what must prevail in order to support any progress in this process. In similar note, many other realities share the same ‘conditioning’ all over the world, because the issue is more cultural than otherwise.
Many find very difficult to accept the change, at each side, because change means equality and that is not what they seek but rather a rebellious stand against what the past has given them, avoiding in the process, the present and the future.
This statement is valid for white people as it is for Black, Chinese, Jew, American, aborigines, etc. Whatever the cultural area happens to be, race is nothing but the excuse to advance hidden agendas for which it is merely useful to keep bringing it out with cold and calculated persistence.
Equality however, needs to be addressed in the right context which is that we are born equal and remain equal before God and thereby before the law, the good law, the one written based on the law of our creator and in the truth. Equality is not to force people to be equal to each other because the truth then suffers under a false perception of charity that is far away from the legitimate one, because love as the act of giving and only giving, it is; is a virtue that can only be in the individual and not imposed by the system or the state. This is not to accept that one person freedoms can go over another because it requires freedom to be taken in the right context as relative to the wishes of God.
Nobody becomes free by carrying the load of the past or the expectation of revenge in the horizon.
The historical trace of hate against the powerful usurping presumably peaceful and happy establishments, and conquering them, from whatever the civilization has been at its time the predominant one be this American, Spanish, French, Roman, Greek or before, the trail left has been of reaction by some to be completely unable to forget let alone forgive and the race is nothing but the excuse of the moment as it can be a cultural imposition of any order.
Anyone of the issue of oppression becomes then a weapon from the past to be used for the purpose of attains advantages in the present.
When discourse need to be forced without debate just because the trail left by history demands not to reason, civilization is not prospering but rather stagnating in a sense of progress that is as fraudulent as the intentions of whoever exploits such a condition.
The truth and love must prevail and the issue of race can really be put behind everyone as long as the will is to seek the common good and social justice in genuine intention without the interference of the state.
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