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César Fernández-Stoll
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Entangled in words

Language and semantics it seems confront each other when matters of understanding the truth is concerned for when the truth is expressed, its meaning is promptly manipulated and distorted so that it remains hidden behind the benefits of denying it.

Christ was very clear in His predicating of the truth. If you want to safe yourself you must deny yourself take your cross and follow Him.
Under this premise, denying oneself is not denying one’s humanity, dignity, individuality or identity, but to transform deeds from serving the self onto serving others, loving God above anything and everything and our neighbors as ourselves, transforming selfishness onto selflessness.
The truth however clear it might present before us, when we refuse to deny ourselves and chose instead to confront it and reject it in favor of serving our egotistical goals and objectives, we are only allowing ourselves to sink in destruction, denying our humanity.
When we address the alternatives or choices we have and try to describe an ideal of society we tend to fall into the depth of a pit full of controversies and soon become exposed to confrontation, because the main issue, the point and focus of the address is purposely or not, to be diluted into the uncertainty of a sense of a conclusion relative to the subject and not inspired in the absolute truth.
We are all individuals, thinking and breathing and eating and bound by all the weaknesses and limitations each and every human being carries but we also have the same virtues, gifts, dignity, identity and individuality that while maintaining us unique to each other, also make us all equal before and under God our creator and His Holy Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit because from Him we come and before Him will have to be for eternal justice.
Social nature is in humans because of our relationship with God, because we are created to love. It is in our nature to care for our neighbor and to respect each other and to dutifully fight for the dignity and freedom of everyone.
This social nature is tightly attached to our individuality as it must be grown from each and everyone and not imposed upon anyone. This is the difference between society and slavery. As social gathering contain several interpretations and forms, so does slavery being the worst one that of the soul.
The soul is what establishes and defines the distinction between us and the rest of the creation.
Any form of slavery that simply and exclusively implies physical bonding cannot be comparable against any apparent freedom exercised when the soul is kept hostage slave of our own desires, tastes, pleasures, styles, materialism, hate, revenge, and the list goes long. Clearly, slavery of the body can most definitively and will tend to the slavery of the soul because it will deny that requisite of humanity that makes us unique in creation.
Freedom is undoubtedly relative to the freedom other have whatever is our social scheme and that implies a level of responsibility for our actions and thereby accountability.
Society therefore establishes rules and controls that help people on identifying those boundaries that will assist them on keeping them on stepping on each other freedoms and the only parameter available to achieve that goal is to look at what God has already set for us as His Ten Commandments, which Jesus compressed onto two huge ones; to love God over and above everything and anything and to our neighbors as ourselves.
Any law that deviates form that premise trying to serve other god purposely manufactured for the benefit of one or some, is not only worshiping false death gods but it is also fostering the slavery of the soul of the people under its government.
The main reason behind the law on any society is to protect life and freedom, life because it is God’s creation and it is our duty to take good care of it and freedom because is a gift of God from creation and it is in our nature.
Any other objective of the law that dismisses or ignores the protection of life and freedom, becomes then a vehicle of slavery as it attempts to impose upon many the weaknesses of the few trying to profit from their position.
Kings, presidents, members of parliaments, congressmen and women, senators, etc. and for that matter, the smallest of the smaller, whatever it might be the role played, everyone is bound by the same accountability to God our creator.
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