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Friday, August 7, 2009

Apparently, 45,000 more jobs have been lost in the last month.

While we keep repeating to ourselves that the recession is over but let our political tendencies distract us from the focus on what the real issue is which is jobs or the prosperity that is being denied to stop many families
and individuals because we simply like playing with numbers because we want everyone believe something is being done or not, to minimize this issue.
Government can only create the jobs that are not productive because they are meant to serve the people. As bureaucracy grows, inefficiency and stagnation does because governments become obstructions, obstacles to people’s prosperity and so, as a very hostile media, to freedom this is, keeps insisting on how bad things are and while the government hidden behind ‘figures’ tries to play the popularity game; the people keep losing jobs and the markets shrinking.
Small and limited government is the answer because it is the only vehicle to guarantee the freedom in the people to perform with efficiency and be productive, to prosper.
Many comments on this article and other related in the other newspapers, tend to place self employment and temporary work as the reason why figures do not show as high as they should be, but these techniques of survival by the different businesses forced by the law to do it, cannot be blamed for the way things are.
It is the heavy load families and individuals must face, in taxes and regulations, what makes the economy to maintain a slow pace, because without cash the people cannot buy products and services and without the people businesses live in continuous uncertainty.
Because politically speaking, the crisis showed as a consequence of greed in the credit institutions and its was assumed that the credit institutions were lacking funds, the efforts were directed to provide resources to these institutions so that credit was kept available. But the people was and still is over credited and in debt to their bones, so by providing cash to the creditors and that alone, the people is only impoverished more, because they are at a disadvantage.
The answer to the predicament is to provide that much needed cash to the people by eliminating that progressive confiscating of their resources called income tax as well as all the other special taxes improperly applied such as that on gas so that the people once again enjoy the ability to buy products and services thereby activating the economy and allowing businesses to feel more comfortable and optimist about the economy, hiring again on a permanent basis.
The typical reaction, especially from our members of parliament is that taxes cannot be eliminated as if the request was to eliminate taxes.
The request is to reduce government and limited in its functions and ability to obstruct and invade.
By implementing a flat tax on every transaction included payroll, the whole bureaucratic apparatus behind income taxes and much more gets eliminated and so the cost of running the government drastically brought to reality.
Meanwhile the people can have the confidence that what they bring home, is final and that what they consume will be according to their means, while paying the fairest of the taxes because they will be taxed according to their individual choices and not to resolve some hidden hate of the poor against the rich or to keep the rich greed going.
Freedom is the only answer and this collectivist model is only going to keep preventing prosperity and freedom.
Income taxes and the stress and pressure the people is placed under the yoke of their own governments to pay one and more again over and over and to open their private lives to the bureaucrats only to find that their work is only rewarding the politicians elected to ‘serve’ them, all of it would be eliminated if not mitigated because freedom will be the prevailing gift, not by government but by God, our creator.
Households will be finally able to go to a healthy family life by letting one salary drive the finances and if the other spouse wants to work, let it be voluntarily and not out of the necessity to pay the government the 100 hundred percent of those earnings.
Children will not be blame any more for the lack of resources in their household being pointed out as the ‘reason’ why families do not prosper.
Families will see in marriage once more the strength needed to grow by multiplying thereby contributing to the economy of the nation.
All it is needed is the courage to keep growing with this idea putting aside the lethal collectivism and elitism that only produces selfishness and destruction.
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