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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who knows best?

Some time ago the feminist movement claiming that men and women were equal; used to present education and upbringing as the problem that made them in the differences they are today.

That trend of course have derived and devolved into a claim of women superiority but the point of this note is not about the evil of feminism and its strategies but about the way education is being utilized in order to create a sense of magnanimous infallibility if in any case momentary in the elites that keep building the current trends and challenges in history.
The dream of every loving parent is to see their children succeed and be happy and for that purpose tremendous sacrifices are made so that children get properly recognized and entitled in society with credentials that will make them heard or listened and paid attention.
However, the capture by some elitist views of education at different levels being the superior levels the more easily affected as they are where parental connections tend to drift away while the inferior levels as they count more with parental supervision, they tend to protect more the minds of the children form the influence of these distorting elites.
It seems to be a sign of erudition lately to cite phrases used by some authors as unquestionable truths about many topics, like the fact that someone else have produced this or that statement makes them infallible in context as well as in image. The support behind these conclusions are often supported by the popularity, not necessarily consequence of how many people is acquainted with the author one way or the other, but with how much publicity this person is given as a leading thinker.
Naturally this situation has not passed unattended by certain interests and so the consequent construction of fictitious realities has emerged as a new trend, building an imaginary truth first and before the multiplying of these truths, the conception of what is known as relative truths or realities that are depending on the subject and not on any absolute truth.
The stumbling block for these tendencies to evolve have always been the intelligence of the people confused in arrogance and pride and in the belief that humans can really be separated from God while we are nothing without Him.
Education has been 'confiscated' by the state and made 'free' to the public under a universal offer which requires for parents to surrender every left intention to educate and discipline their children to the system, which will take care of the 'problem'.
The 'problem' of course is no such a thing but a responsibility every parent has and mandate from God as part of the commandment to grow and multiply.
Of course grow and multiply imply the freedom to prosper and make the family grow in a very close relationship with God our loving and omnipotent creator.
However, the path towards full captivity by the state is the one that has prospered thanks to people will to let the situation to progress in the name of 'safety' from the vicissitudes of the future and instead of making of this 'future' a reflection of the children blessing the family with that growth, it has been converted into a paradigm of selfish observance of being 'alive and well'.
To grow and multiply under the hands of the state has become a submission to it and the elites behind and a renunciation to the concept of government as an entity design to serve the people on behalf of some demigod to which we owe everything.
Education has been taken away and needs to be restored to its roots and means and to the proper custodians, the parents as only them poses the proper tools to maintain growth and prosperity for the family which is the nuclear foundation of any society.
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