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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scandalous crisis

Dear Prime Minister, members of the government and members of parliament, by now hardly anyone can say that the world is not in crisis and this crisis, because of globalization is one of the worst in history.
Even if the media is trying really hard to advertise a recovery, it would be really foolish not to learn from the experience.
It would be foolish as well, to say that the problem is globalization, because it is the development of communications what has produced globalization and good communication is only but beneficial to anyone and everyone, because it is what keeps people together and harmony.
The difference between good and bad communication however, is that the first one maintains the purity of its accuracy and truth supported by the love of the communicator and recipient while the bad one, or the other kind, only shapes itself as is required or as the media so permits.
The current crisis we all should known by now is a consequence of greed, for power this is, because selfish politics mandated the rupture of credit on behalf of the supposedly more in need of ‘credit’ so to be able to fulfill their ‘dreams’ of ‘owning’ property.
Too many quotes really can become disturbing specially when the concept gets lost in its own meaning because we all know by now as well that neither these people have ‘credit’, not they are fulfilling any ‘dream’ and most certainly, they are not ‘owning’ any property.
The virtues of credit are in the ability to have cash on hand to be able to be able to satisfy our needs and to participate in the economy. The evil of credit is when these objectives are broken.
Hence, the current crisis has exploded and credit is broken because, mainly because of the greed for power, many people was given credit they did not deserve and that stain was propagated across the world by the greed of control and stability.
But lets try to maintain focus on the point of this article which is about how scandalous the situation has become because the political greed has made the crisis even worst by trying to ‘protect’, more quotes, the market and the people from the ‘greed’ of the corrupted creditors by giving to them the resources the people has been deprived from, so that they keep the corrupt system ‘working’.
Naturally, in this type of crisis many fundamental questions come to light, starting with the most fundamental one which is life.
Is it my credit more important than my life?
Am I living because of my credit?
It seems that ‘I’ is here what the focus of the question becomes and so, it becomes easy distorting the idea towards blaming the subject with selfishness while ‘protecting’ the rest because of their ‘good’ credit.
But ‘I’ really is the individual or his/.her family altogether, because it is families what makes societies and so the focus is on how important is the life of the family versus maintaining a ‘good’ credit record.
Good credit really means that you are living as per the ‘rules’ set by society by culture and legislation.
Of course when those rules become corrupt due to the interference of the political greed, the whole idea of ‘good’ credit becomes dependent upon satisfying the political greed and not the ethical and moral capacity of the subject to pay his/her obligations.
Before such a predicament, it seems that most obvious answer to the questions presented above is that we must choose life and do everything possible to keep our families alive despite of the menace of ‘bad’ credit marks.
Of course the side of the system that remains unaffected tends to ignore the question simply because it is not presented before them and in some extremes, it is truly a question to the individual alone because family has been avoided or maintained unreachable and so while the system works for ‘me’; it works and the ‘bad’ ones are the ones with realities strange to mine.
Politicians are meant to represent the people, all the people, not even just the ones they think to represent, but everyone because the system is the whole and not just the district being represented and so the issue of credit becomes fundamental to the prosperity of the people if ‘credit’ is made the foundation of the system we are to live on.
Political greed however, is not reconciled with the truth because the order of the day to ‘fix’ the crisis, has been to provide more and better resources to creditors while evading providing the people with the ones, resources, to keep their ‘good’ credit’ thereby having to face the questions presented above.
The scandalous crisis has only exploded as a consequence of letting the prices of gas, probably the main resource in the economy, to rise to unsustainable levels therefore allowing all other constrains to show in highest intensity, but the problem is not new and it is in the human nature as a weakness that family and God have maintained under control.
It is only in the last couple of hundred years, with the surfacing of a variety of theories and thoughts trying to prove God inexistence while diluting the family into relative concepts ultimately forcing governments to abandon life and even freedom as their most precious tasks, that the exposure of has been latent and even though history has taken us through revolutions and the most disastrous wars, the degradation has taken humans to reject their own future by seeing in the killing of the innocent, a ‘solution’ to evade have to face those questions.
Meanwhile, the political greed keeps its course and not only just sat and observed while so many dreams went vanished keeping their share of those gas prices that propelled the crisis, untouched, but before the reality of appearing to be doing something, the money confiscated from the public is given away to creditors so that they can pretend that their side of the greed remains untouched and even worst, because the political greed, while excusing itself, even ventures encouraging even further the destruction of the family by allocating some of our confiscated funds towards parading in pride the worst degradation of human conditions.
Politics need a come back before something make this scandal pale before a true explosion in social unrest comes rises forcing the truth upon all of you as history has shown so many times before as complete empires have disappeared from within due to the greed and selfishness of their governments.
A thorough tax restructuring program needs to be in effect, not years from now after political greed consumes even more of our confiscated resources in unproductive committees, but now by first setting the compromise and the direction soon after implementing it and consisting in completely eliminating the idea of income taxation as well as every tax in the law that like that on gas, only obliterates people to serve that greed instead of serving the people in their own individual prosperity equal before the law.
We need to restore forgiveness as the engine of our prosperity which is the only true compassion.
It is troublesome to see that our government with our confiscated resources is bailing out the greediness of our credit system while they remain merciless and untouched before the human tragedy that keeps showing before our eyes.
The best assistance creditors could get is by letting the people that owes them have some cash on hand to pay their obligations while the government focus strictly on its limited functions and nothing else, only then the course for common good and social justice will be found.
The point is not to debate, but to act and the point is not to eliminate all taxes, but to eliminate income taxes and especial taxes like sin taxes on gas. The goal is freedom for individual and families to prosper independent from government obstruction.
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