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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Listening to the rainfall

For a while now politicians have been told about the way society is being degraded which means how people are being degraded to extremes even sub animal conditions.
The interests of these lords seem to top every other consideration but what is of convenience for their own job keeping and status than to serve the people.
It must be insisted upon the fact that any level government owes its reason to exist to the necessity of protecting life and freedom.
But life and freedom are relegated to what the government can do or give to any particular individual, without any regard for the neighbor or peer, who when in misery must ‘rely’ on the amorality of the laws and rules these same lords design under the same perspective and direction.
But civilization has been built under the prescription of loving our peers and neighbors, by giving in order to evenly grow and progress because before in history a testament of selfishness show how societies have risen under certain expectation of fairness and even under those premises and expectations is that democracy was conceived, including the revolutionary idea of people actually grabbing the reigns of government.
But democracy was soon kidnapped by the interests of those who claimed no regard for the people but for their own stance or status abusing the powers invested upon them by the same people they did not mind oppressing in order to achieve their own personal goals.
Rome was created about eight centuries before our time and it started as a kingdom out of several alliances and conquests and in the beginning its grow was not very aggressive and it was the rape of a woman and act of gross abuse and immorality to form a different concept born after the democratic model and this model in itself was somehow successful until the grow of the republic exploited after the victories over Carthage with the ultimate destruction of the north African empire.
So greed and selfishness moved by personal interests took over and the human dignity that prompted the republic motivated as well its demise as civil wars erupted and an imaginary peace was imposed while freedom was only available to a reduced to the privileged.
Our times are proving to be of little difference as history keeps repeating, particularly in the mistakes previous leaders have made.
Greed and ambition under the illusion of finding gods anywhere, any gods this is, created to the needs of the moment. Granulated religion made to the model of the individual for the satisfaction of egos or the worship of the I or the me, come and go, refusing to accept the fact that it is this new paganism what creates misery because of the relative truth is fosters under a clout of selfishness.
The system however, has found a vehicle to provide ‘profits’ to politicians, typically forced to be restrained or restricted to the tenure of their jobs. This vehicle is income taxes and in order to maintain its ‘credibility’, politics feels the need to impose a ban on other religions which are more based on truth and more particularly worshiping the true living God, as He represents a risk to the preservation of that farce the prefer to call peace and balance.
Income tax is suggested as the way to participate for the common good and social justice and no flaw is accepted in the system. However, the tax code keeps growing in an spiral of excesses, ignoring the truth in the realities that individuals and families must face confronting the daily contingencies of life.
Meanwhile, life itself is placed behind the objective of revenues acquired by this system and families or individuals are prompted not to produce children or discouraged to do so, promoting the destruction of their innocent lives in the name of invented freedoms and rights.
Families being the main contributors to population renewal are under attack as passé and attempts are made to replace it with fallacious many-to-many arrangements initially disguised as same-sex marriage.
But politicians try to cover the need of population renewal by inducing immigration of any kind while ignoring concerns of productivity or economic effectiveness or efficiency.
Of course, part of the spiral generated by the adamancy on maintaining this counterproductive system, a variety of ‘benefits’ are offered as freebees by politicians, thereby attracting the type of immigration that instead of contributing with productivity, exploits and plunders its gains.
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