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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good news not so great news

As the recession of the XXI century progresses, we see how governments struggle trying to regain confidence from the public after the disastrous results of the political adventure, collectivist has involved us all in their intention to grab power and control over everything, globally and universally.

Meanwhile the media, principal partners in the collectivist effort starts producing editorials trying to present a more promising picture for the future and politicians try to convince everyone that they care by transforming the many laws they themselves have imposed upon everyone into a different flavor but still with the same negative effects of oppression, intervention and invasiveness of people privacy and control and more control, disguised as regulation.
Many people, now imbued into the world of selfishness, see this as a good trend before the nanny government, their new found god amongst the many deities they see in their personal Olympus, the one that is going to do a momentary ‘solution’ in their minds, not realizing on the freedom being surrendered not to be recovered again.
The best good news are the ones that reaffirms if not restores dignity to the human person, his/her individuality and identity, by making the system work on behalf of the people and not the way around. Under this idea it is important to see the system in a completely different perspective as the one for the nation. The nation is made by the people or more clearly, it is the people. The system however, belongs to the people as a service agent to them, thereby with the expectation of facilitating productivity and happiness for them.
The system is every level of government and institution encompassed under the umbrella of servicing the people altogether. It is therefore illogic and incomprehensible to present the idea that the system has any intention in design to provide any solution to individual problems other than to satisfy elites, parasites and predators consequence of its corruption.
The best ways for the system to assist the individual is by staying away from the economy and in a very limited and controlled manner, restrain itself to the services they are designed to be.
It is up to the people to protect his/her own freedom because freedom is given by God our creator, not by any system usurper of a condition never designed to be.
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