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Friday, May 1, 2009

To whom it may concern...

Nobody said it was going to be easy and nobody said was going to be pretty and the fight is long and difficult and we must endure and prevail because our cause is good and just and puts love and truth above everything, God above everything and everyone.

Protection of life, family and the human person fundamental freedoms are the most important tasks any government has if not the only ones. This is achieved by laws that made us equal before God and that are in accordance with His commandments. Therefore laws must be simple and reachable to everyone.

For sometime now, I am devoted to eradicate income taxes and while I am being called a dreamer of foolish fantasies that it will not happen because politicians and the establishment are too compromised and committed that the culture of taxation is impossible to change.

For good or bad, given the experience the whole world is living today as a consequence of the election of Barrack Hussein Obama as president of the United States, a politician raised mysteriously with the idea of destroying life by the killing of the unborn and with a very close compromise to the sodomite culture, the two main enemies of civilization.

However fooled the people might be about this person’s intention or driving force, the factor that got him elected by the people is the thirst for change, because it is the current establishment what needs to be changed and so it is recognized. Change is the word that sold and regardless how it is this change used, it is the clamor of the people. In the United States, that clamor has been sold as a reaction against what the media and the new government wants to describe as capitalism.

Here in Canada, we too had a dream for change and our time came much earlier that that of our neighbors to the south. It came on January 23rd, 2006, when we managed to put together what we called a ‘Conservative’ party to get rid of what collectivism had built, or rather to restore what had been destroyed, through many years of a combined set of laws intrusive, invasive and oppressive dressed as liberal or progressive, institutionalizing corruption as the alternative for survival, with their very own set of rules which promoted abortion of pregnancy as a representation of freedom of choice amongst women and the destruction of family and the mockery of marriage as a fallacious same-sex or whatever it derives into, engagement that is nothing but state protected sodomy and its ramifications.

Unfortunately our hopes were soon thrown away and our newly elected lords decided that it was easier and safer to go with the establishment instead of to do the job they were elected for and so change has been put aside or relegated to a process that is supposed to take centuries to reach or never while the enemies of truth and love, keep advancing and are now about to regain full power.

Our hopes could have used the minority to express the values needed to be conveyed to the people, instead, our government chose to play exactly by the same relativism as its predecessors and institute the destruction of life as something meaningless and unimportant while thousands upon thousands of souls are daily being sacrificed to the selfishness of materialism and life styles.

The people is being told by a media very committed to the status quo and therefore to collectivism and the praising of elites but not necessarily the recognition of the truth and certainly not of God; that what matters is just the economy and that morality and principles and good or evil are only relative to the wishes of the individual and so by destroying the individuality, identity and dignity of the people. The economy can be served better.

But we are seeing through the present worldwide financial crisis what a ‘good economy’ does in relative terms of matters of common good and social justice.

When the economy is focused not taking into consideration but what is there for ‘me’ because collectivism gives ‘me’ more taking from others without any significant effort from my side, easily through fast credit, the only economy that goes well is that one of the selfish or of the one that only cares about his/her own material satisfaction as the only goals of power, control and pleasure are satisfied and their egos keep being inflated and the ‘me’, ‘I’, mine, keeps flourishing.

These are failures of that collectivism that fosters that type of mentality and that kind of culture. Collectivism needs to preserve the relativism behind the freedom of choice or the life styles as newly found human rights, because its survival is supported by the fantasies of that relativism.

To try arguing that it is up to elites to decide what is good and what is bad, removing God from the idea by ignoring the truth and love that only God can give us, because the elites can do what God does is poor paganism and regressive or more clearly uncivilized. It transports us to some cave in the middle of the ice age and the elite induce us to ask a rock, a star, or some animal for the weather to get or feel better.

To try to present the current crisis as a failure of the market cannot make any sense because the market is nothing but a process of supply and demand and nothing else or someone needing something wanting to buy that something looking for the best deal to do so.

What the current crisis is not either a consequence of lack of regulation but rather of excessive intervention because it is greed of elites, be this in government or in corporations that wanting to have it all, they have created a relative world where the economy has been obstructed from following its course.

The solutions presented are not solutions but opportunistic additions to that greed, because governments are seeing it as the chance to grab more control while corporations mostly with friends in government, have managed to transfer enormous amounts of capital from the people to their pockets.

The scandal is not on assigning or giving bonuses, but on the charade that has been mounted in order to clean up the people from their hard earned cash, because the trillions or billions given to the corporations for their survival do impact the people altering the laws of the market in favor of politics.

Collectivistic societies tend to display their plans ahead, they always have five year plans and ten year plans, because they cannot show anything for today, because today serves only for their own profit and so they keep asking for sacrifice form the people today, because in five or ten years their ‘plans’ they will manage to blame everything under the sun for the disasters they have created and will come up with new five or ten year plans to ‘correct’ the problems created by someone else. This has been seen in the Soviet Union while the underground corruption kept the needs of the people ‘satisfied’ but very much inflated prices. The Russian mafia was not born immediately after the demise of the Soviets but had been working since its creation in the early days, only to surface when the curtain was removed.

Income taxes is the mechanism by which the people is kept silent and politically idling, neutralized with their mortgages, credit cards, loans and so on. The risk has become to high to get involved and so the elites manipulate our dreams to the level of allowing the killing of our future, symbolically and effectively by the murder of the unborn. There is no surprise in the willing of governments, the United States in a great scale and Canada, even if unnecessarily in a much lesser scale, to give billions upon billions to creditors, under the excuse of money being needed for businesses to continue operating.

But cash flow is what businesses operate on and moreover, is what people need to survive and clearly, not a year ago when gas prices where projected to become astronomical nor today when cash is so scarce to keep business with clientele at all; any government has presented any plan to reduce let alone eliminate income taxes thereby providing businesses and consumers with the necessary cash flow to minimize the impact of the problem as well as to save jobs, which the politicians keep crying too loud to wanting to create.

Jobs however, are eliminated in virtue of income taxes because of this lack of cash as well as because of the increase risk it represents to businesses and also because of the increased cost of employment.

Why are income taxes the issue?

Because is money taken, confiscated, up front restricting families and individuals form effectively moving the economy

Surely there is credit, but if credit is to help providing that needed cash flow, then credit is nothing but another taxation level added to the many other mechanisms in the name of ‘good economies’ are out there, going from, at least in Canada, 32% on the price of Gas plus GST, PST or HST, plus many other taxes paid several times over one on top of the other milking the consumer making him/her lives very challenging. The volatility of the economy makes very difficult to keep with the discipline to maintain credit.

Of course, consumers or more clearly, the people is guilty in the eyes of the elites, because for starters, we the people have children and children cost money and if cannot afford to live individually how come we are going to afford ‘children’, so the right to chose to kill them is invented and institutionalized as the ‘solution’ to domestic finances, with elders following shortly after.

Of course this is not the only driven force behind abortion of pregnancy, because there is also the sedative elites need to provide us through their own idea of freedom, which for them is to do anything you want without consequences and so, if women want to engage in whatever type of relationship there is, whenever and however, it is not their fault if the sperm hits the egg because never mind if God meant it that way, they did not and so , they have the choice to kill and not even have bad dreams about it.

Similarly with sodomy or adultery, is just something these people want to do and so it is not their fault for the diseases that come as a consequence of their life styles, the elites, the rest of the people with the confiscated cash taken form them by their governments, are to put aside any attention to other illness and fund their life styles to the end.

Income taxes is only the beginning, but something very much in line with giving back to the people the ability not only to think but to choose on their own what is best for their families and future, having the children they want because it is God’s will and not just some ‘problem’ in their lives and sin cannot ever be rewarded and so, if a capricious life style implies engaging into something that is dangerous for your health, as well as sinful, why should governments must use our money for that? Interesting to notice that smoking is considered a sin by these elites and is not banned because of the money it brings but otherwise, they keep crying that is bad for everyone’s health.

Income taxation must be stopped and the sooner the better and that should be the start of the real change needed to free the people giving us back or liberties and the responsibility that comes with them.

Truth is absolute freedom is relative because it comes with responsibility
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