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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the CRA needs

The CRA has not paid a penny to anyone but confiscated way ahead, even if the subject ended up financially strangled due to governments giving 'stimulus' to the creditors so that the rope is long enough to suffocate.

From your article… If someone cannot substantiate... what? The goodies the government 'gives' to be claimed way after the expenses have been incurred?
Income taxes are killing this nation not precisely because of the unnecessary and unjustified financial burden imposed upon each and every one of us, but because morally, the individual soul is sucked into the system to depend 100% on it, removing thereby the ability of individual and families to fight back, let alone to be free and dignified before God. .
It is articles like this, that formally institutionalize the abuse, that make even more damage, because they create in society the idea of omnipotence of the system and pretends it to be disassociated from the politics of the oppressor of the tyranny that remains behind the seeing never satisfied. Sure we’ve seen moments when taxes are apparently ‘reduced’ by cents while the load keeps pressing on the backs of the people.
We currently negotiate jobs for 100% but through income taxes those earnings to be, are sucked anything from 20 to 50 percent. The more successful you are; the more is sucked thereby removing the incentive for prosperity, taxing productivity, and eliminating job opportunities. Half of this is paid by the salary of one of the spouses, if the case, forcing families to see children as burden rather than the blessing they are, not only for them but also for the nation., so fertile ground is found for the selfishness of promoting the killing of the unborn as the intruder that will stumble prosperity serving selfishness instead of love.
So, insofar, we ‘bargain’ with our government ‘bailed’ creditors telling them that we earn 100 while we take home only say, 65. But then again, we have to pay, at least in Ontario 5% for GST plus 8% of PST or 13%, so our creditors are being told again what is not true because we are now to close to 50% off our initial ‘earning’.
Now, one way or the other, we have to move from point A to point B as part of our ‘productive’ life and to enjoy it as well, life I mean. So, we must, directly or indirectly, pay 32% taxed on gas, which is not applied just on our regular use, again, direct or indirect, but also on the goods we must or want to acquire as part of surviving or enjoying life. Because every business out there needs to just means of transportation to get their goods to us and they have to pay too taxes on fuel.
So we are now in about close to 85% of what we earn, paid on taxes with many more taxes left unmentioned, because the process of taxing everything that moves stays in the minds of our politicians as a perennial source of revenue that we should feel compulsively and impulsively inclined to pay so that our lives become more ‘livable’ but without prosperity, because it is a bad word in the world of collectivism and denotes excess that our politicians say we should not practice but they will happily do.
Because these politicians have their own acquired obligations for votes; awarding child murderers, saving terrorists from other countries justices, sending to jail Christians and other believers that reject the idea of sin, subsidies to sodomites and abortionists, grants, foreign help, environmental causes, global warming, the fund for this, and the fund for that and, oh right! …and last and least; to serve the people of Canada.
How could we possibly live with so little? Is this perhaps a gross exaggeration? Aren’t so many Canadians living happily enjoying the goodness of this system?
I think not and it is why perhaps the government is so interested in bailing creditors rather than its beloved supposed to be served but instead serving; subjects.
Because the creditors keep the people in debt paying even further to them on mostly excessive interests in an also grossly inflated market while the government allows itself to close their eyes to the misery being kept perceivably low by their own politically manipulated statistics, besides, the people is so worried about keeping their houses, cars, and naturally; their ‘good’ credit, that they simply cannot afford to raise their voices because they might be perceived by their employers as the trouble makers nobody wants close because after all, the CRA might start sniffing around and that might spell trouble for everyone… because the sword of CRA is on our heads and we better behave.
Oh Canada… God keep our land glorious and free!
If we, by insisting upon our politicians to put a serious thought on eliminating income taxes, many ills are going to be fixed, because more cash will be in the hands of the people to keep many more businesses, of the kind that make sense to the people to keep, around, and the creditors will be forced into a more real world of competing fro their clients. Even credit will flow more because people will be able to enjoy a more dynamic economy and yes, even taxes revenue will increase as the economy grows. Fair taxes this is, which are taxes paid directly on consumed goods and services and only them.
This is possible and it is not something to be expected to happen overnight.
For immediately, it is life what need to be protected by clearly defining that it begins at conception and through natural dead and also that sodomy is not anyone’s right but some people’s disgrace that depends on them to terminate and it is not the role of the state to sanction it as normal, less to be blessed and so there is no such a thing as same-sex marriage, these are the immediate priorities.
But income taxes is a promoter of these evils, because in the softest appreciation, it helps to distract the people minds form the reality that these calamities are and so the priority to work the sooner the better onto eliminating from once and for all this ill conceived burden called income taxation.
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