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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reasons to reject same-sex marriage?

How typical... if you don't have a point; use insult, offense, blasphemy, profanity... and get offended if someone contradicts you...

Jesus is the Son of God. Love is giving not your selfish interpretation that only satisfies your poor humanity and what this poor NotSanta up there is saying goes completely against him and he should be more careful as it is about God he/she is trying to show his bravado... and even if he or she might not believe, the truth will get him/her because the truth is God.
Same-sex marriage is wrong because it does not exist, period.
It is impossible because a marriage is for growing and multiply and therefore it is a necessity to have one man and one woman involved and needs to be marriage because it is the only avenue to morally sound children, many of them, as many as God decides is convenient.
The futility of this argument is only fed by the selfishness of sodomy where some men and women only express their frustration after the defeat they feel for not being able to engage in any natural relationship with someone of the opposite sex, which is not really opposite but complementary and supplementary.
Families are the foundation on any society and marriage defines a family before God. If a family appears to be failing is not because of the family itself but because of the so many interferences families are being attacked with, from within and from without. because the selfishness of one or both of the partners place before the love they are to provide to the family, by adultery or greed, because collectivist models try to play god with elites trying to dictate how to profit more from that foundation, ending up destroying it to the point of blaming it for having children instead of paying taxes or tribute to their higher offices with the worst offender being income taxation.
It is not strange at all to find therefore this fallacy of same-sex marriage as one more attack on the family.
Family is of God's creation and the problem selfish people have with it is that it portraits love as the act of giving without expecting anything in return, starting from the love of a mother and the protection of a father, as the first priority, immediately after our love for God, our love for our parents and our neighbors. Love is what these ideas have problems with, because it openly and frankly destroys their degradation in sub-human expressions of what they try to portrait as love which is nothing but sex without boundaries to the point of self destruction through a variety of totally preventable but self acquired diseases.
They dislike selflessness and embrace selfishness.
Sex is not an end but the beginning of life and that is what same-sex marriage pretends to rid society of in the name of elitist 'survival' in and even more fallacious world commanded by invented messiahs and intellectuals that stopped thinking long ago because it is too inconvenient to see the truth.
Same-sex marriage is not only wrong, it is a fantasy, not real and aimed to destroy what is natural instead of building anything from it.
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