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César Fernández-Stoll
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Monday, April 13, 2009

If you think it can be done and if you think I cannot, on both counts you are right

Many wrongs can be found through history and many of them have repeated over and over again in different forms and shapes and there always have been the ones that fought against all odds against those wrongs
merely trying to achieve a better world for everyone else and in many occasions for themselves.
Currently our world of the XXI century has and in other times and places, many wrongs and all of them we can fight to death and it will always depend on the tenacity we put and the audacity and courage we display what will determine the success of our endeavors.
There are however priorities as there are wrongs consequence of other ones which usually appear to be of less priority than the ones which are consequence of them. Every wrong condition obeys to the decision assumed by someone to impose a selfish way of living or live style over the rest and for which it will or not, induce others to their most selfish intentions to the point of faking the truth as relative to their own lives as if the individuality of a human person was the mere representation of a virtual world with a set of values and morals for each individual. This individualism imposes the slavery of others on behalf of satisfying the selfish desires of the individual that expects to receive everything from everyone else without having to give anything.
Consequence of individualism is the spiral that fails to be of common good and social justice due to its own nature of selfish expectations and which derives on blaming everything for that defeat, from the weather to babies and nature itself, everything which is of God design and creation.
While collectivism which is the body of selfishness portraits itself as socialism intending to show social justice for the common good promotes freedom without responsibility, the reaches of degradation become an imposition to humanity globally as evil cannot survive on its own but is in need of contaminating just and innocent souls with its venom damning them into eternal darkness.
In order to achieve its objectives, collectivism finds a close ally in the worst politicians, always thirst for power and so through them is that makes use of the power of the state to enslave cities, nations, countries, continents and the whole world in a global plague of selfishness aim to destroy human nature merely pursuing to benefit the self and their own egos.
One of the main roots of this is the power of the state to retrieve taxes which are an obligation for every person as their contribution to the society they are part of, for its common good on what is common for everyone to enjoy, equally and fairly.
However, this idea has been derived towards confiscating from everyone vital resources, before they can be used for their individual prosperity and that of their families.
Governments are formed by humans to provide them with services or in other words to serve them in a society that protection while individually, they can focus their efforts to prosper and obey God’s mandate to grow and multiply. Without its members and contribution, governments are reduced to nothing and the individual and his/her family is reduced to rely in his/her own protection before the selfishness menace of other calamities which includes other human beings thirsty for power and control.
Governments therefore go against their own existence transforming themselves into tyrannies when they abuse their role and prevent that prosperity and neglect that protection they are meant to provide.
Income taxes is been predicated, are here to stay and will never be eliminated because politicians just enjoy too much power and they will not relinquish it for anything in the world.
If you think it can be done and if you think I cannot, on both counts you are right
Regardless of what politicians expect and wish and how upsetting it might be for those that feel having reached that comfortable balance where the government is to take while they can take too in detriment of the miserable disadvantageous, it can be done because income taxes are one of those injustices that are persevering killing and destroying and are not needed or indispensable.
There cannot be balance nor can be any fairness when a person earning make only a mere thirty five percent of his/her contracted ones because sixty five percent is confiscated by the system under the mirage of a safety net that simply does not exist because the real safety relies in the individual and families and the love society practices towards its neighbors.
When a household is required to make husband and wife work away from their children so that one of the salaries is used fully to pay for taxes
When the cost of government grows exponentially while people prosperity is restricted by static earnings which keep being intervened by intrusive laws and decrees designed to make success the consequence of evil selfishness and greed.
When children end up being blamed for the cost of living and families therefore break up because of how expensive it results to live according to the rules
When the course given by God in society with the family at its foundation through marriage between one man and one woman, is corrupted by invented rights that only respond to the hedonistic fantasies of the selfish
When children are killed in the name of anxiety due to the cost imposed upon families and individuals distracted by licentious life styles or promiscuity
The cost of keeping income taxes by far surpasses any potentially conceived benefit coming from them
Clearly, income taxes do not represent the core of the problems nor it is the only or main reason for every human predicament, because happiness relies in needing less while we seem to want constantly more, however, they play a very significant impediment to the freedom people must exercise in their decisions and ability to react to oppression
The mirage of secured employment or guaranteed jobs, which is the tool mercilessly exploited by politicians to sell the benefits of income taxes is not but their own securing of revenues, taking away fundamental basic freedoms as the illusion of employment becomes the ‘reason’ why not to react to abuse and in many cases contributes to many illnesses consequence of the stressful conditions people must sustain in the name of that illusion called permanent employment.
Income taxes must go, it is possible and needs not to be replaced by anything because a parallel system of taxation far more just but built on top of the income tax system makes already for about a third of the contribution demanded from the taxpayer and which should be more than enough to provide the common good and social justice fiscal contribution should make for.
Many other token taxes are disseminated across the economy which politicians pretend to be applying in the name of preventing sinful activities that go from expending in fuels to smoking tobacco and in essence go from abusing their prerogatives to high hypocrisy because it is not the role of government to judge the soul but to protect the weak and the innocent not against vices but against the ones that break the law which must be modeled from the only law valid and truthful, the law of God in His Ten Commandments comprised by Jesus in loving God above anything and everything as our neighbor as ourselves.
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