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César Fernández-Stoll
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easy credit is fools gold

For the last many years society has evolved into a mantra of plenty with access to just about everything and anything the market is there to offer, if before there was the requirement to a firm commitment with collateral
backing every transaction. Today that requirement has been transformed onto just goods of certain value. Everything else is only supported by a record concentrated in few databases accessible to the many corporations that offer credit.
Credit per se is means credibility, as related to the honorable intention of paying a debt. However, the word credit has been distorted onto capacity to pay based on total net worth and so is not credit any more but net worth and so the pressure is to build such figure over and above everything any other responsibility.
Considering the point of reference of the institution of income taxes which go back to the ending time of the Great War or World War I, when governments, before the tremendous cost of the war, felt compelled to charge their citizens for the price of the enterprise and of course, the times coincide too with the rise of collectivism all over the planet and so the influx of money confiscated using the war as the excuse, became a vehicle for promoting the philosophy of having governments as nannies reducing the individual to the roll of ants or bees with the queen represented by the different elites ‘managing’ the future of everyone.
Hence, from WWI through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and over 100,000,000 death; the world has evolved into plenty and the perception is that it is government control and regulation what has brought such a bonanza because everyone has been accessible to a credit card and so governments can continue confiscating resources from the individual while he/she just charge his/her life to a plastic representation of his/her net worth. Aside are left the many who due to the ‘vitality’ of the market, fall into unemployment or other contentions in life and which the mechanics of corporate charity or simply bankruptcy bring forward onto a world that has become fictitious in the true meaning of honor and credit.
Chains are persecuted by the law because they are pyramids of profit that in an utopian picture, pretend to offer richness to everyone while in a geometrical progression quickly saturate and therefore result very profitable for the few at the top and very miserable for the ones at the bottom which are the ones ending up supporting the pyramid.
The current scheme of credit and income taxes is a scheme of the same nature of a pyramid, only legal, because them who write the law, are part of the whole scheme and are kept at the top conspiring with other interests to maintain the status quo under that mirage of plenty.
However, when this scheme is threatened by any intention to give back to the people the resources, merely by reducing the confiscation, the dark forces of collectivism conspire to produce chaotic fear and stress reality to critical proportions because credit is at risk and so is the revenue taken from taxpayers.
Collectivism is an illusion in which the individual is offered to surrender his/her individuality, identity and dignity to one or a group of elites who will take care of their wellbeing. It can be voluntary or involuntary, as in the former is the case of capitalism without God while the later is that of the tyranny of the system were the imposition is based on the supposed will of the majority.
Hence, while the former can be controlled by us as long as our identity and individuality is respected, the later surrenders control to the system degrading our humanity to that of beasts, of the inferior species in the natural kingdom.
An inalienable condition of our humanity is our individuality and with it, our identity and dignity as creatures of God superior in the whole creation. These conditions are defined by the gifts God has provided us and which give us the freedom to be ourselves in our individuality and which are sometimes described as fundamental rights or basic freedoms or liberties and these go from the ability to think and discern and to chose and decide the direction we want to take and even what we want to believe. This cannot by any stress of imagination mean that we have the ability to change the absolute truth, but that we can deviate our thoughts form reality due to our imagination thereby creating fantasies and illusions which can include the idea that there is no God and therefore we have not dignity, identity or individuality and in the process of travelling through those illusions we equate ourselves to anything and everything from ants and bees to horses and dogs or just about any other creature out there.
The evolution of credit has made humans able to achieve goals otherwise unachievable in a lifetime and that is undeniable. However, in the urge some human nature has for dominating his/her neighbor, credit is not an exception when misuse is concerned, because it’s excess produces oppression and dependency which in time can become disastrous to the prosperity of the individual and families.
Collectivists are perfectly aware of this and so before the easiness of available credit, they have found an opportunity to confiscate resources form the individual and families contributing to a lethal dependency on that credit.
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