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Monday, March 30, 2009

What problems are these people solving?

By advocating the killing of innocent babies and by pretending to institute same-sex marriage, or diminishing the fundamental nucleus of family… what purpose is it that these people promote?

If we look from the angle of common good and social justice, the only possible purpose we can observe is that of covering up the ills produced by their deeper and more dramatic ‘solutions’ which are not. Because it becomes nothing but a blame game in which children are being accused of upsetting the prosperity of society by simply being there, so they need to be killed. In the same type of idea, the family is blamed as well for the focus human nature puts its priorities in perspective and marriage intrinsically represents an obstacle as the main promoter of families and with aiming against all these institutions it is God Himself Who is assaulted and offended as the creator, the father of the natural order and so the family needs to be disintegrated and marriage mocked to death under fallacious illusions.
The hidden angle however, is the one that fosters the imposition of evil over good, despite the knowledge of the omnipotence of God and the Holy Trinity; evil, disguised behind its natural form which is selfishness; insists on its attacks and pretends to win in the world.
The trail of oxymoronic results of these philosophies of evil only produces confusion in the understanding of the natural order.
The market for instance, is not something men create but the people in its acceptance of this or that product or service and it is up to the individual in the freedoms God has given each and everyone of us humans to choose. The choice, however, although determining the trend of the market by virtue of the freedom implied, can very possibly represent the loosing of freedom when the individual surrenders his/her individuality and with it, his/her identity and dignity on behalf of the phantoms and illusions offered by the promoters of a better life separating it from God omnipotent, our Lord and creator, the one and only living God.
Even though the truth of one living God makes itself so evident, throughout history, from the beginning, the presence of Jesus and His church, one and eternal; many gods are conceived as objects of adoration and worship, all temporary in the eternity of the soul, stubborn before the unavoidable truth.
God has a plan for each and everyone of us and in His infinite goodness has salvation for our soul with eternal life worshiping Him for ever and ever, such is the one and only religion. The Bible tells us the story, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, are the real God in the Holy Trinity and the Catholic Church is the body of Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit which is the life provider for each and every one of us.
Natural law cannot be changed by humans because it is created by God and as the truth about marriage, what He has created cannot be dissolved or altered by humans. Natural law has been created in the goodness of God and therefore it is for the benefit for each and every one of us. Any attempt to alter natural law is a consequence of evil which is embodied in selfishness, believing that natural law has been created for a single self by cultural dynamics instead of our supreme God, to enhance someone’s ego, for the benefit of ‘me’ as opposed to the whole creation altogether. This is not for humans to impose but for us to follow under God’s Commandments. Without natural law humans cease to be that and become just anther wild beast amongst the others created to serve us under our custody.
Goodness is embodied through love and truth, fundamental components of peace and social justice through common good. Love is the engine that moves justice because it is giving without expecting individual benefit. Love does not deny individuality but on the contrary, defines it, because puts forward the exercise of the freedoms God has gifted human kind with above every other living species in the universe. This concept becomes opposite to the idea of individualism in which the profit to one individual take prevalence over common good.
Collectivism defeats itself in the idea of individualism because it promotes the selfishness of surrendering God given freedoms to some elitist person or bunch or to an abstract soulless governing entity.
Capitalism, which typically portraits the antithesis of collectivism, still risks failing to fall under the mantra of the same defects when it denies the human person with his/her dignity, identity and/or individuality which will make it become the same as collectivism only serving a different master as in one the masters are some elites or governments, on the other these are ruthless potentates with the only purpose in life of attaining power and control for themselves over the rest of creation.
Hence, the true answer relies in the individual and his/her relationship with God and how he gives him/herself to Him through the love he/she has for his neighbor, the second most important commandment expressed by Jesus as the Decalogue is condensed in the first three commandments that deal with loving God over and above everything and everybody, and the last seven which involve love for our neighbor through our behavior in respect to him/her.
When we observe the direction civilization is being brought towards, and how selfishness is institutionalized as the only motivation any individual possess as a driving force and which is exploited in the confusion of relativism, denying personal responsibility which is the portrait of freedom, on behalf of a misrepresented liberalism and how before the reality of a distorted natural law, failures are excused with blame against children, elders, and God, because sin is embraced and not rejected and so all ten commandments are rejected in the name of institutionalizing a very wrong illusion, a mirage brought forward by evil, of foolish ideas denying the only living God on behalf of picking up many gods of relative and transitory value.
These religious fanatics never acknowledged as such, coming from men made gods in the antics of history later modernized by preposterous reforms to the body of Christ breaking in illusionary impulses the truth into what becomes apparently good to the body and only to the body forgetting the good being of the soul.
Hence, human souls are forced submissive to the wills of the state manipulated by the elites and these in their turn demand tribute even at the expense of prosperity of individuals and families and thereby of society as a whole as these are the foundation of it, accomplished through the injustice of unfair confiscation under the mirage of permanent employment, universal health care, of advantageous benefits, but which in moments of need, the elites are ready to ignore them all except their own profits from the system they so much promote, naturally.
It results so not of as much puzzling on why the elites pursue these evils because it is evil what they have as motivation, the selfishness of intending a rewarding mechanism on earth for them and none else to share, being not for their ultimate selfish benefit.
If today is killing the unborn or the elder and incapacitated, in the near future will be the hyperactive or overenthusiastic child or the rebellious youngster and anyone else that dares to challenge the imposed status quo, for what it becomes imperative to make offending God a matter of personal imposition in the name of pleasure supposedly overall denied by the holy nature of God. Happiness therefore is sold as the selfish pursue for body enchantment and the denial of God.
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