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César Fernández-Stoll
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Time to pick up the fight

For some time now our lives have been invaded by the uncertainty of guessing what, when or how is that we are going to receive the signal, the minimal perception that this trend of death and destruction of our souls
will final change towards loving God over and above everything and anything and the signal is simply not there. Because we’ve been betrayed and sold to a establishment that is much too happy and much too comfortable with the illusion of provision from the system while our brothers and sisters are kept in misery, not just financially but as well spiritually.
Life is meant to be simple as it is our mandate from our creator; to love God over and above everything and as Jesus said; followed by to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. This is condensing the Decalogue given in the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. The first three commandments are the foundation for the other seven and together are the key of civilization. Trade and commerce and industry and finances, are nothing but methodology that should help serve the only purpose humans have in their existence as a mean for salvation; to love our neighbor after we love God, to give ourselves in our entirely to serve God and our neighbor, for his/her salvation, for our salvation through common good and social justice.
Humankind has however, drifted apart from this very simple premise, as it has been moved apart before from the truth of love lost in mirages of plenty placing the existence of God as something relative to the convenience of the ego growing ruthlessly with no other care but of the self.
God’s mandate upon creating humans on His image and likeness is to grow and multiply. There is no accident on that premise as there is no accident on anything that goes through our journey in life. God is in command and control of everything in the whole universe which is His creation. He is, as Christ clearly put it, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.
The human family is therefore of God’s creation because it is only by the union of one man and one woman that humans can multiply and we are thereby devoted to one and just one spouse as the only way to provide proper raising to our children who need of us both a woman, a mother, to provide tender care and of a man, a father, to provide security and care and from both love in the form of provision and discipline and teachings of the truth.
We nevertheless, insist in abusing our superior nature in creation, dismissing God, reducing our nature to that of inferior species, justifying any weakness of the body and every trespass of our souls, in the name of animal behavior, of instinct.
The time has come to say no more, to stop the destruction of our souls and the damnation of our souls and to see the truth in its own face and reality. We are all children of God created equal before Him and loved by Him, individually in a much closed relationship. That is the true nature of our lives, of the eternity of our souls, living for God, loving Him in the dignity He has provided us in our own identity before Him.
There is no problem that cannot be solved as otherwise it could not be qualified as a problem but simple as a condition we must live with, therefore, each an every problem as unique as it appears to be, can be resolved by giving it the proper perspective and weight. No external force other than God Himself can solve anything without His intervention. There are not accidental matters, everything has its cause and therefore its consequence and so control must be maintained by the intelligence God has given each and every one of us through the Holy Spirit; knowledge, understanding, council, science, strength, piety and fear of God, allowing us to live free with faith, hope and love. There is not much more in the secret of happiness. God is love and truth and He is all we need.
Under that preamble, how is it possible then that we keep looking for answers and solutions by expecting others to provide them for us. Living for the common good and social justice cannot be confused with my own good and being the judge to everything which is what is usually the selling argument of political correctness, completely dismissing love in its essence of giving transforming it in a process of receiving or expecting to receive, from sexual favors to gifts out of resources confiscated from others.
Democracy is not the power of the majority nor it is to serve the minorities; it is the power of the individual to be free to follow his/her own choice under God responsible for the consequences whatever choice that is carries. Majorities or minorities cannot alter the divine designs established in the Ten Commandments and by the teachings of Jesus His only son, the truth of love and peace, nor can they be trumped by any selfish personal choice to kill or to let pleasure or life style govern. Freedom without consequences is tyranny not freedom.
The time has come to stop our politicians and to claim back our freedom and to resist every temptation of fulfillment offered by political correctness which will never be able to resolve the vicissitudes life presents. Our body lasts few decades while our soul lives in eternity and the trial we must confront is what will determine our salvation. Heaven and hell do exist and it is our free choice the path to follow.
The time has come to say no to the offerings of plenty coming from political correctness and material gains and to start living our own lives in a healthy relationship with God our creator.
Is happier who needs less than who that who owns mores.
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