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César Fernández-Stoll
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Time to embrace humanity

Human beings have never ever created anything but thoughts, dreams and illusions. Everything that history has shown in terms of human achievement has been discoveries or inventions, but on both cases using what God has created beforehand for our common good.

The merit of science and arts is not in how far we keep ourselves from our creator but on how close we are to Him. Science is not in dispute with reason and it is not a rejection of faith because science is the pursuing of knowledge, of answers to the unknown and therefore scientific research and study cannot stop before unfounded conclusions. Art in a similar way is not a display of arrogance or pride but of use of the gifts God has generously provided each and every one of us with His infinite love. Sciences and arts are therefore as close to God as we are and our achievements must be oriented towards common good and social justice, the former by the use of our knowledge, gifts and virtues to benefit our neighbor and the latter by preventing advantageous unfairness and the exploitation of our neighbor.
The world can hardly be changed because to alter it we would have to impose our own perception of common good destroying freedom and love and with them the absolute truth, separating us from our relationship with God.
We can change ourselves individually, reconciling our relationship with God by following the truth and love as taught by Jesus and the guidelines of His church, the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit, by embracing the holy Sacraments and following the Commandments of the Lord.
We can save our lives by opening our hearts to God, who loves us, individually and in our complete dignity, reserving one identity for each and every one of us. He has created humans to live in social gatherings and therefore common good is a main objective but from the individual and not from society. Social justice as the manifestation of common good can only depart from the individual.
Our lives have been invaded by a path to hell full of good intentions but imposing upon us forsaking God as the main condition to our existence, as if nothing would be for us after this life.
It’s important to observe how the agents of evil conspire persistently the same methodology of picking up on any weak theory or postulate and making it a law of deception a truth, relative to the convenience of the purpose negating reality as it is and creation altogether.
We can appreciate this today and throughout history, with the panic proposed by the theory of global warming or global economy or financial crisis or by loose statements like the theory of evolution and even the theory of relativity.
Humanity is persistently being challenged not by faith but by the obscurity of the absurd implanted by he forces of evil constantly proposing, as scientific achievement or artistic expression the negation of our own humanity and with it the negation of God, the Holy Trinity, Jesus, Virgin Mary, Saints, angels and even the miracles that have shown us the power of the divinity of God.
Let’s embrace humanity and reject all sort propositions obstructing our path to salvation of serving God before men and women.
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