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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A very well manufactured crisis

Insofar it seems the global warming phenomenon is real as the evidence shows
only for moments and then the evidence shows it to be nothing but a hoax

architected out of a natural condition that as it seems is quickly showing us all how
small we are before the greatness of creation.
The summer of 2008 was announced in the spring of that same year to be a
disastrous one because the price of oil was unstoppable in its climbing towards
records never reached before and so the price of gas was to be as high as
imagination could produce. But nevertheless the summer was still very hot and
while gas consumption was slowing down the hot weather persisted. Then autumn
came and the prices of oil precipitated in a free fall towards reality to the point of
making few economies, dependent strictly on oil extraction risk their own
existence. The winter came and showed to be nasty cold and so the talk of global
warming has been shelved and the talk is now about how cold the planet is getting
because? well, we?ll figure something.
Meanwhile, the United States elections came and went and the goal of imposing
the audacity to change was successfully imbued upon the whole world by
implanting the image of a savior that only announces change but whom does not
preclude any.
While the world adamantly denies the existence of the devil and refuses to
acknowledge any evil accepting only relativity as the engine that moves our lives
and deeds; the damned one keeps tirelessly working towards the destruction of
It is very easy to find failure in capitalism because human beings are weak and
not perfect and therefore, many fall to temptation and when they forget their
Creator and the love they should have for Him, the tendency is to focus strictly in
the self and what appears to be good for it.
The illusion of a wholly human controlled destiny is so predicated as the only
possible path to salvation and so the fallacy of a global government with world
commandments that virtuously adjust to each individual weaknesses under the
shelter of relativism.
In order to consolidate the nightmare of a global government where everything
except God is acceptable; it becomes imperative to bring under the yoke each and
every government to align to the new mandate imposed by this invisible evil force
that shows itself as pure goodness but in essence pursues to damn us all even if
the world refuses to acknowledge its existence.
The media sells news and if news don?t sell, then news are created so that the
media can sell. What this paradigm creates is a condition under which the media
becomes an extraordinary vehicle of propaganda where critical assessment or
opposition is surrendered to what can be sold as popular because relativism
imposes the need to establish the kingdom of popularity.
In the globalization generated as a consequence of the development of
communication across the planet, popularity has become a global mantra and so
what is good here is good there and so relativism has advanced like an epidemic
that predicates change but cannot figure what, how, where or when, just change.
Humans are weak and weak leaders emerge in far larger number than strong
ones and unprincipled leaders emerge much easier than principled ones even
though the former are not really leaders but followers of their own selfishness
while the later are the true leaders that selflessly take their followers to their own
freedom. Hence principle and strength are requisites of goodness and
Easiness does not equate to simplicity as it is to easiness that utopian leaders
appeal to consolidate their leadership while they avoid simplicity as this is the
language best understood by the majorities and instead they opt to the
complexity of confusion and so they dismiss everyone as ignorant as they crown
themselves as privileged elites of the highest intellect and undisputable opinion.
Under these premises the world has moved focused strictly in one and only one
objective, to establish a global government to impose a new religion, conceived
and nurtured by elites that claim to know more than God and to be more than
As part of this process, any leader or government which predicates or pretends to
predicate righteousness or principle as opposed to the fabricated popularity cried
by a media very much aligned to the same goals; has been or is in the process of
being removed.
While the blame has been in the leadership of the outgoing president of the United
States, other leaders have been in their own turfs aggressively attacked and
bashed and conspired against the legality of their tenures. Airs of conspiracy have
been raised against them and so is the example of the events of 9/11 where the
president of the United States is accused of running a plot that started with
murdering 3,000 people in the name of its own ambition. What remove veracity
to this wild theory is the events that followed as Spain and Great Britain and
Australia, experienced in their own a share of the same.
In Spain however, the events of 3/11 were exploited by a very pernicious media
and opposition to capture power and establish a very much collectivist regime and
a puppet to globalization.
In Great Britain, after the multiple bombings in London, although the government
was already in the hands of the Labor party and therefore it was very much
aligned with the objectives of global government, their Prime Minister had been
exposed too much to a breeze of principled reaction and so a much more docile
pawn was implanted.
In Australia, after the bombing in Bali, the cries for that nirvana called new world
order forced the government to be replaced by another one in aligned with that
ne Valhalla.
The popularity of cowardice has been exploited in search of that pot of gold at the
end of the rainbow by removing every trace of braveness and righteousness off
the people.
Despots and tyrants have across history used threats, bribery, extortion and
death as effective tools of persuasion for perpetrating their power and control
over the souls of the people and have conceived the right to live conditional of that
objective. The world is exposed as it has been since early times to the advances of
evil on behalf of someone who?s existence, in his favor; is denied. The triumph of
evil over good is what is perceived as if evil would not really exist but in the minds
of the ones not aligned to that new world order. However, the reality is that our
creator is the one Who is really in control and perception is not a vehicle to
anywhere except to perdition when used to poison the minds of the righteous
aiming for their destruction.
Our world today is drunk with visions of change and a world perceived as peaceful
while in abandonment to selfishness and murder and immorality, surrendering
individuality, dignity and identity on behalf of living in peace, conditional to that
but never the truth. This world is only destined to succumb before the truth as an
unavoidable natural order. In the perennial contest between good and evil there is
no really contest as good is the only one real and therefore God design.
As in the history of the exodus, our current pharaohs are stubborn to free the
people of God and so they will fall under new plagues of their own conception.
Civilization is nothing but a use of what God has given to humans for their own
good, as a common good in their own individuality and dignity, equally for each
and everyone. When humans twist the true meaning of that function, then it stops
being civilization to become kingdom of death and tyranny.
This is, unless it is for God?s desires; not the end and is not the beginning but only
a new passage in history where humans are once more abandoning their true
nature seeking to be gods on their own right, ignoring the fact that God, there is
only one and that each and everyone of us are subjects that can only live by His
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