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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freedom for our children

As we navigate through the rough waters of these seemingly disastrous economic
times of so much social decay; it is important to reflect on the roots of such a

situation and instead of blindly imagining a future where nothing will change
except change itself; a call for action is imperative from the individual point of
The foundation of society and its fiber are strongly seated in the constitution of
the family and the power of the individual to control his/her destiny in the
freedom gifted by God our omnipotent Creator.
As we progress through the infested waters of selfishness and pretend that
everything is relative to our own anxieties and ambitions our social bonding
disappears under that thirst of exclusivity, loosing not only our family and
country, but our own identity and individuality as well as our dignity thereby
dissolving our humanity in the mixture of every other living specie over and
under the surface of the planet.
It is very important to act and the sooner the better to recover our own
humanity, to rescue our identity, individuality and dignity before God our Lord.
As we have lived in democracy, however, distracting our freedom if not
surrendering it to what certain elites impose upon us as the ?solution? to all our
anxieties demanding not just our the slavery of our bodies but also the denial of
our souls; we must come to realize on the true meaning of happiness and freedom
and liberate ourselves from what the world has to offer us from the infected
mouths of these intellectuals that seem to know everything except to practice
what they predicate.
To live well, to be happy all it requires is to maintain the one link that makes such
a condition possible, our direct connection with God as lived individuals in our own
dignity as human beings. There is no material benefit that can equate the freedom
to love God to seek His truth, the only condition to peace.
Jesus has shown us the way and as the only Son of God and God Himself in the
Holy Trinity, He has made us witness what love is and how sacrifice is the
ultimate expression of love, selflessly and unconditionally.
As human, we are social and therefore we need to live in social groups were our
individual participation is required for the common good. The only way
individuality can be and impediment social justice and common good is by denying
the human person his/her dignity and with it, his/her individuality and identity as
a person, as a superior creation of God.
Human dignity can be suppressed in more than one way and in the past, the
preferred method has been the slavery of the body and history shows us how
societies have in different ways excepted from that injustice.
But there is a worst method to suppress human dignity and even though it has
existed throughout history; only until relatively recently, it ha been maintained
under some level of control and peoples have recognized under whichever cultural
framework they belonged to, the disastrous consequences of sin and when they
have not done so, they have condemned themselves to inevitable disappearance.
Christ brought us live in truth through love and forgiveness, He brought us
freedom. Jesus went after sinners because they needed Him to separate them
from sin, to reach the truth about the evil of sin.
Our world wonders in the wilderness of sin and is trying to conceal evil under
excuses softly called compassion and tolerance, and choice and right while getting
lost entangled in fantasies of relativism and nihilism. By denying sin, sin does not
disappear or cease to be but a greater sin is committed as confusion is instituted
as lonely goal in life.
The contest between good and evil is a contest within the human being to reach
God, it is not a contest between God and the Devil as God cannot fail and
therefore cannot loose and the Devil is already lost in eternity to the flames of
Hell. So the real contest is for each and every individual to win by joining the One
and only living God in that link of love and truth. Not surprisingly, those who
think that can control both good and evil, end up joining with the later as they
only succumb to the will of selfishness. To recognize our nature and place in
creation is our only hope for salvation.
Love is giving and not receiving and truth is absolute and real and not relative to
anything but truth itself.
We must get back to reality and open our hearts to Christ. He already showed us,
by His sacrifice on the Cross, the immense love He has for each and every one of
us human beings. We must accept our failures as such and every consequence of
our weakness; we must persistently reconcile our lives with God. We must open
our eyes to reality and see that whatever we did carries consequences and that
are responsible.
Babies are not responsible, not for being conceived, not for being born and
certainly not an excuse for social stagnation. Humans rise in the animal kingdom
because the freedom we have to discern and decide our own paths and so we do
have the ability to find happiness in love by simply choosing the appropriate path,
the way of giving ourselves to our own deeds with love and contrition. The
Sacrament of confession or reconciliation is the starting point, the gate to our new
life, changed by our own decision.
Humans are men and women; created by God as complement to each other to
grow and multiply. Only one man and one woman can conceive a child and need of
the blessing of God to grow in prosperity and that relationship is marriage and
therefore, marriage can only be as naturally God created it, as the union between
one man and one woman to grow and multiply. Children are never a burden but
rather always a blessing, even when the child is not intended nor when is a
consequence of someone else trespass.
Our body as created by God belongs to God and therefore it is not subjected to
our free will or imagination, but to the intention of creation, to its natural
intention. We cannot expect God to submit to our own anxieties or desires or
certainly not our wildest fantasies.
To act against God?s will is sinful and the society that ignores that truth is deemed
to extinction.
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