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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The fake world of credit, electronics and politics

In the first decade of the XXI century, we are witnessing the disintegration of a
world build on illusions, on wishes of grandeur and which is now succumbing
before its own unreality.

Many centuries ago, credit was developed as a tool to achieve what was not
reachable because of lack of cash and the pressures of war and social unrest
where an excellent motivation for its development. However, with times, it
became a tool to for the financing of enterprises and finally in the second half of
the XX century, a tool to ‘accelerate’ prosperity to the point of making it and end
as opposed to a mean.
However, prosperity is something that depends very much in the type of control
is exercised and from whose perspective. Easily and quickly, the world of credit
became a world of dependency and illusion as the people resorted to it as a
substitute of the much needed cash required for everyday sustain and so a castle
of illusions was built with the inherent pressure applied to households because the
responsibility on the use of that credit depended exclusively on the decisions
exercised by the man and woman in the house.
With the development of communications, particularly, electronic
communications, credit was easily disseminated across the globe and with the
development of internet and globalization; credit became power and control over
the whole world.
Different from what the dependency on the automobile has become, the
dependency on credit has impacted directly onto the core of each and every
household and the automotive industry as well. While owning an automobile
provides some sense of identity and individuality, still there is public
transportation that allows the individual to use to get from point A to point B as
part of whatever his/her needs are.
Credit however, has been made so accessible and available that the laws of the
market have been too artificially affected because while the supply depends
directly onto hard cut rules, the demand has become a product of the availability
of credit.
The individual ability to live without credit has been drastically limited due to
taxation because a great portion of the income is confiscated by the state
therefore forcing people to complement their left over income with credit. To
support this absurdity, a worst absurdity is used, that individuals are not as
prepared as the state or for that matter, the elites, to spend wisely what is
dutifully earned. An evil seed has been implanted in the brain of people ready to
surrender his/her own identity on behalf of having someone to do the thinking for
them and the spirit of enterprise and risk taking has been dismissed as
unnecessary and not beneficial for society.
The easiness of credit accessibility has produced also drastic changes in the laws
of the market by prompting due to the inflation of demand before a rather slower
supply of goods and services, of an constant increase in prices. This inflationary
process has been addressed by politicians by increasing taxes and thereby
augmenting the problem instead of fixing it.
Of course, politicians cannot but marginally regulate credit because otherwise, the
people is simply strangled, but because politics is another world which is built on
false illusions, legislation has been rather favorable to more availability of credit as
opposed to otherwise. Politics has built the idea of the nanny state, of eliminating
the dependency in God, to be transferred to the state as the only provider of
happiness. Politics have grown to despise the individuality of the human person as
a risk to great against their own establishment.
The individual since the beginning depends on his/her relationship with God
his/her creator and this relationship require of the individuality of the human
person, identity and dignity. Our relationship with God is the only one that can
provide as with the happiness we need to prosper towards salvation in eternity.
Politics however in its infinite thirst for power and control, has managed to grab
loose concepts and theories, pretending to use reason and reason alone to sustain
only partially on them denying any objection and using them to remove that
relation with the living God so much needed by the individual.
Every technological achievement has been given to the triumph of reason over
faith, obscuring or denying faith participation and so technology has become a vice
not oriented for the common good but in detriment of it. Denying individuality to
human interaction has become a dependency on yet another illusionary world, the
one that completely eliminates human sensibility and automatically produces
profits. Consequently, profits know no limits and human suffering is ignored as it
is the participation of any enterprise in social justice and common good. Politics
has created therefore the concept of ‘giving back’ to ignore the root of the
problem and thereby cleanse the process as infallible.
The truth however is that the individuality and dignity of the human person is the
one that has brought all of us to the XXI and if there has been, there is and there
will be human conflict throughout the process, the solution has been given to us all
as well log ago and it is love, our capacity to give without expecting anything in
By the state prematurely confiscating precious resources from the individual and
families, the negative effect is imposed and the state becomes an insatiable
monster, greedy and insensitive to the needs of the people, only the needs of the
elites that drive the state. Human dignity and identity become thereby enemies of
the state and therefore, individuals and families need to be eradicated into a new
concept of property of the state. The state therefore exercise justice assuming its
own deity in itself and condemns innocent babies as the ‘reason’ why there is not
enough resources and it dissolves the natural family on behalf of whatever can be
invented so that everyone can be ‘integrated’ to the fallacy of this self declared
We need to come out of these many illusions and reach back our individuality so
that we can live in dignity and with our identity before the only true God in His
Holy Trinity. He has given to us free and with His love gifts for us to enjoy and
love Him and worship Him. The meaning of this is simply to obey His design
before any other earthly design. As individuals and families, as long as we keep
loving God and follow His Commandments, we are fine. By being individuals we do
not abandon common good and social justice, we embrace them. It is by
surrendering our individuality when we abandon that duty we have towards our
fellow human beings to love them as we love ourselves. Common good entails
individual participation in society. Social justice entails treating each and everyone
of our peers with dignity, from conception to natural death.
The function of the state as put together by people is therefore to protect human
life from conception to natural death and to provide what the individual and
family cannot on their own for the common good. It is a supplement to them not
their enemy.
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