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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The power of love

Love is giving not expecting anything in return.

Love is our direct connection to God. Nobody that rejects love or refuses love can reach salvation. Love is happiness because it does not require of anything but a will and a commitment.
Love can only be of an individual. There is no institution that can replace the power of the individual to love. Love is what bonds a marriage in the complete delivery of one to the other.
A loving family is a family where members are bonded by that spirit of giving, not expecting anything in return.
A loving human being is a person that gives unconditionally.
Love can only be in the presence of the truth.
God is love and it is what maintains that connection with God, that intimate relationship each and everyone of us has with our creator.
When we look at the problems currently impacting our world we must see as it is p0resented before our eyes, the truth. Only what belongs to our identity and individuality, our dignity as human beings is really important. Material losses are never important unless they are of any direct impact to human suffering.
On current times the problem is characterized as lost of faith, which is not equivalent of faith having lost its truth, but rather the abandonment of faith being the foundation of our fears.
When human beings become convinced that it is more important to survive than to think, or than  to be, humans forsake their condition of children of God to become children of selfishness.
When human beings consider that peace is something disconnected from the truth, peace is not achieved, but rather slavery of an illusion, a dependency.
The two most recognized systems in the political world, collectivism, on each and every shape and form, and capitalism, distant us from love because the former, is in its own definition loss of humanity in favor of a collective body, while the later, because of its strict dependency in finances it becomes yet another flavor of collectivism as bad as any of the other.
Common good is strictly associated to social justice and either must be only a consequence of love, of our relationship to God our creator.
Common good is to see each person in his/her own individuality, identity and dignity, loving that person.
Social justice is that common good in society. Social justice is assuming responsibility of the gifts God has provided us with and using them for the benefit of our neighbors and peers, with love, for the common good.
The individuality, dignity, and identity of the human person, starts at conception through natural death and it is to be respect along the way particular the most fragile and less gifted.
Human beings are weak because of the original sin and thereby we are all mortal and Jesus have shown us through His sacrifice on the Cross, incarnation, passion and death the way to eternal life.
The true God has made Himself evident to us all because of His love and because of it, keeps seeking us, looking for our hearts to be opened to Him to engage in that lost love to rise again.
The problem of our times, as on many other instances in history, is that selfishness have been allowed too much power, forgetting our own humanity. If we apply only a bit of love to our circumstances we will see the truth about the so called problems and it will be so much accessible to reach for the only possible solution, love, all we need is to let go our fears and have faith and put the right perspective to any material loss as the temporary circumstance it is.
Faith, through the truth gives hope and love makes it all possible.  
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