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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As advent 2008 is upon us all, it is once more important to reflect on the celebration that advent announces, the birth of Jesus, only Son of God, made man for our salvation.

Christmas is therefore a celebration of hope for mankind, a celebration of faith and love.
Anyone could have come to the world and impress with magnificence but not in the circumstances that Jesus came and in the circumstances he arrived, lived and died and stayed with us for an eternity.
The birth of Christ is so a motive of joy and celebration, an event of peace.
Christianity is His legacy and the Church his body and that makes the church to be not only one but of each and everyone of use as the word of the Holy Spirit for our salvation throughout the holy Sacraments.
Jesus came to the world as a culminating point in the history of the world, after God persistent seeking for our attention, for our hearts and the triumph has been nothing short of spectacular. Christ gave us the church as to last until the end of time and throughout the last two thousand years we have witnessed through history how many times that truth have persevered, through schisms, paganism, reform, revolutions and wars and terrorism and all of the above put together and what is obvious is the power behind its perseverance its preservation.
Christ brought us the truth through faith through putting fear aside and keeping our trust in the living God that never abandon us and is always looking to love us. When we surrender ourselves to fear, we close our hearts to Him as we try to take charge on our own and the result is constantly defeat and selfishness.
Jesus taught the true meaning of love, as the act of giving it is, unconditionally, not expecting to receive anything in return. When we put our expectations of getting retribution for our giving, we abandon Him on behalf of our own selfishness.
Christ, with forgiveness and resurrection, He brought us hope to live for something much more valuable than what is tangible from what is perceivable by our senses, He brought us eternal life. When we persist on carrying the past on us, when we refuse to forgive and forget what hurt us or what it is owed to us by indigent peers, when we do not love our neighbor as we love ourselves, we abandon hope on behalf of selfishness.
Christmas is a celebration for human kind it is a universal event that represents that night in Bethlehem when Saint Joseph and Virgin Mary, who was carrying the seed of the Holy Spirit, gave birth to our Savior, our Redeemer, the Son of God.
When we celebrate Christmas we cannot exclude anybody from the event, because of the love the event entails altogether. To be Christian means to follow the truth and the truth cannot be kept as a treasure too precious to share, because that would mean to be selfish, to have abandon our faith, hope and love, therefore we Christians enjoy celebrating in sharing the truth of salvation with every human being over the face of the earth, hence the universality of the event.
The selfishness of some people, lately, has resorted to the power invested on them for very different purposes to abused the tenure of their offices and force the celebration of Christmas onto something where Christ is excluded, some sort of holiday without name or meaning, other than commercialism and even lust.
Christmas can only be Christmas with Jesus at the top, as our savior and redeemer which is the reason to celebrate, nothing else, therefore it is imperative to make of Christmas a feast of joy, a family event, and therefore a celebration for children, for our future.
Jesus did not come to the world looking forward to the presents the shepherds and the Magi brought to worship Him, he came with the mission of giving Himself for us, all of us, for our salvation, bringing us the truth and the light.
Christmas is the season of giving. Merry Christmas to all…
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