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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Forgive them Lord for they don’t know what they’ve done

In the aftermath of the US elections where Barack Hussein Obama has been elected by a 10% margin, the 44th president of the United States to reign from 2009 to 2012; many commentaries and excitement
is being consumed in negation or celebration while the real question on who this character is, remains unanswered.
This character has appeared apparently out of nowhere and after capturing a seat in the senate of Illinois, he has moved to Washington D.C. also as a senator and his record is unnoticed, except of course for his votes which describe a very radical individual when protection of life is the matter of the question where he openly and undoubtedly is adamantly against granting any protection to a human being.
Part of this obscurity is the incognita about his actual birth condition which has been challenged as per what is required to be entitled for the investiture of the title he just obtained by popular vote. He has been challenged not to be an American citizen by birth, which is offered as a guarantee by the constitution as a matter of trust in the individual that is to hold so much power over the future of the nation. Barack Hussein Obama has not answered the challenge as he has not answered any other one, as he has been challenged to produce the source of the record treasure he has managed to accumulate and which has been a determinant factor in the ‘success’ of his campaign.
Granted, Barack Hussein Obama is not alone. A majority of the mainstream media has shown the same deafness to the questions presented before him and has blatantly ignored them. It has been obvious for many decades now that the mainstream media and the Democratic party of the US do have a hidden agenda and it is to put the whole country at their mercy for which the know vehicle is to make of their country another collectivist society.
Barack Hussein Obama is not alone in the world because the Socialist International which is the broker of collectivism around the world and to which many mainstream outlets obediently abide. Members of this ‘Spectrum’ organization, to analogize with Ian Fleming’s series of novels about agent 007 also know as James Bond; are after the control of the whole world. Its members are of many sources and many countries but their goals are very specific and focused; the dominance of the whole world whichever way it becomes possible.
By voting for this character only knowing what the media shows, the people of the United States have resolved their future by trusting it to a character in incognito.
How inconsequent could have appeared to the good people of France back in the sad days of the revolution when they were told that it was about ‘social justice’ only to see their friends and neighbors parade to the guillotine because… well who knows what anyone could have disliked at the moment to consider him/her to be against the change and therefore removable from circulation.
How difficult might have appeared to the people of Russia for Lenin and later Stalin to consolidate his power across such a vast empire not realizing that all they had to do was to place one friend against the other by organizing ‘community associations’ designed basically to counter the individuality of the people in favor of more control from the state.
How innocuous must have been for the people of Germany the rise of this party out of nowhere in times of deep recession and which proven to present itself as a savior asking as the only price ‘complete submission’ to their policies.
It has been persistently apparent, that the size of the society, the extent of the territory, could be the best impediment always to succumb to the forces of evil as a political power.
Always however, the result has been almost identical; tyranny, oppression and slavery.
Barack Hussein Obama is the new president of the United States of America, the superpower of the moment of a vast territory and a powerful economy with extensive reaches. Let’s pray for the people of the United States to wake up to reality and put their constitution forward and ahead of any thirst of power, particularly from an organization that not only denies a person of his/her individuality but a country of its autonomy and independence.
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