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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crisis… what crisis?

We are in the deepest crisis the world has ever know, says the press. This is the end of capitalism altogether, claim politicians. But life continues and if anything we are experiencing the greatest hoax history will remember.

There is a crisis alright and it is financial, but it is of our lack of humanity and love for our peers and neighbors and thereby the impulse of the crisis is born in greed and not in the will to serve in our abandonment of God and faith rather than simply capitalism.
What type of crisis is this where governments are taking from the people trillions of dollars in order to ‘save’ businesses, private businesses these are; which are in the verge of collapse strictly and exclusively as a consequence of there own mismanagement and greediness?
Governments taking from the people to save capitalism they despise in order to preserve… capitalism?
The answer lies probably much too evident and obvious that we are all failing to see it for what it is and have been blinded too much by a world offered to us as a mirage of peace without compromise populated by automats without individuality, identity, or dignity, without intelligence.
This world does not have cure but the human person has, and the answer is in his/her relationship with God and how that connection is maintained. This link can only be available to us in our individuality, in our own identity and with the dignity our Creator gave us, in the freedom to decide on our own the path we take assuming the responsibility attached therein.
The government of George W. Bush has not been a good government mainly because of his weakness in following the leadership he was imbued to show when freedom was challenged. His major accomplishments were projected to be the complete change in the taxation system. The major disappointment has been that his policy fell short as it was reduced to being a major reduction and nothing else and not constitutionally bound but changeable at the will of politics to come. Before the challenge presented to him by the infamous attack on September 11 2001 and in the aftermath; he showed great leadership, but depended too much on the fears of his advisers and therefore, he was soon betrayed and left alone in the fight against terrorism. Iraq was not a mistake, but had to be won by fighting a war. The enemies of peace with truth manipulated peace and made it a goal without conditions. George was betrayed by the politics of his country, by the enemy from within that was more aligned with the plans of global domination of the Socialist International than the prosperity of the American family.
September 11 2001, presented a challenge not only to George W. Bush, but also to each and every inhabitant of the planet as it placed the truth before us in a world deeply culturally separated. But the biggest challenge, or should be called opportunity, was presented before the organization that for many decades have been fighting relative truth, indignity and individualism; the Socialist International, the epitome of collectivism, the monster that has promoted a variety of shapes and methods in order to destroy human spirit imposing selfishness as the only objective of human nature. That does not hesitate on demanding the killing of the offspring as a human sacrifice to their gods of selfishness, which is committed to the destruction of the family as the main obstacle in their way to tyranny.
It took full advantage of the Viet-Nam war and on this event could not be any different.
The world collectivism represented across the board by the political left, is united under this hydra that recognizes no failure as it will undoubtedly throw to its enemies as conspirators that made its irrational but perfect ideals fail.
Throughout the eight years of George W. Bush mandate, it has become clear since day one the imperativeness to remove any possibility of success and beyond that even the tenure of the office needed to be placed in doubt. When September 11 2001 came, even then, the idea of a conspiracy from his office was raised, against any logical explanation. Calumny and slender reigned and treason was rampant, to the point of attempting on the safety of his country own soldiers in battlefield and to impose the idea that taxes was actually people wanted more as they wanted the government to be really truly their new guide and mentor. Socialist International conceived Barack Hussein Obama and implanted his image throughout the whole process, exploiting race and the killing of the unborn even after birth took place, if the woman so desired or intended it.
Hence, after these George W. Bush years, the world is finally involved in the crisis, collectivism has implanted, and it is now collectivism what is promoting its ‘solution’.
Collectivism does not see human nature and therefore cannot recognize dignity, individuality and for that matter neither identity. They are ready to allocate the whole weight of the problem onto human freedom while crying for a freedom they conceive only without responsibility, as their relativism prescribes.
Their idea of success is directly attached to money and therefore they think that money is there and it is only a matter of graving it and applying it to where it is always going to solve the problem. If one of their ideas does not work, it is always because was ill funded and so, their solution will always be to just throw more and more money onto the fire to be burned.
The current situation is no different and so money is being thrown into the fire, which of course is represented b y the parade of failures that abided to their collectivist designs and found them to be the utopia they probably knew they were, but of course as any chain letter teaches, they expected to be the ones at the top and not at the bottom of the pyramid. Hence collectivism is now placing them at the top by ‘rewarding’ their incompetence with more money and in the name of ‘saving the economy’
Meanwhile, not a single politicians is even remotely considering that the way to avoid every financial crisis, let alone solve one, is to tax properly, so that the people, represented by individuals and families; prosper on their own ideas and risks. Freedom only comes with responsibility because any action taken will produce a consequence; it is call cause and effect. Everyone have to live with the consequences of their decisions, and the only way to mitigate the risk of a global catastrophe is to make of each and every human being an individual capable of deciding on their own.
The current crisis will not get solved by throwing more money to the fire, it will be solved by not ‘saving’ any corporation and instead saving the individual human person by eliminating improper taxation while reducing excessive one.
This is true social justice and this is true provision of the common good. The world won’t be saved, but the individual human person will be for the welfare of his/her family loving and worshiping God.
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