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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A call for love

The only way to control corruption is to reduce the government to its optimum size of efficiency.
As the current financial crisis evolves in a free fall towards disaster, I think it is important to reconcile the fact
that this and many other human circumstances are nothing but a consequence of our abandonment to our own horizons, dismissing the world around us and very much in particular; our neighbor.
In the almost frantic process of rejecting the teachings of Jesus and everything that is even related to Christianity; our path has brought us to refuse acknowledging the obvious.
If we observe the process of this crisis, from the institutionalizing of panic as the engine that would drive chaos to its inception, to the current state of affairs, where billions upon billions of dollars are lost because people are trying to ‘save’ what is ‘theirs’ before being dragged by the wave of destruction.
I think by now it is very clear the origin of the problem. A socially inclined government with good intentions, which is what the path to hell is paved with; decided some years back; to exercise pressure on the banking system so that they provide loans and mortgages to anybody and everybody lowering drastically the acceptable line to satisfy those credits and therefore, while the system kept slowly building a farce, it was also building on the reality of the laws of the market and so, when taxes were lowered and the people started moving the economy; the real estate market started to increase to incredible proportions.
However, the economy being built was fictitious as it was built on the fallacy that the credit industry could really sustain a growth without any capital to support it, which is basically established by the ability the consumer has to pay acquired debts. The whole wide world got involved as the globalize economy could not distinguish one end from the other.
Then, 9/11 came and the war in Afghanistan evolved and then as a consequence of it, the war with Iraq came to be and good and evil took their sides and while the development of a war is unpredictable, it was very much in the voices of evil to make of this war a disastrous defeat, because it was politically convenient to regain power lost.
War is n unwanted resource to peace, very undesirable but if the lack of other alternatives, impose its engagement; the only acceptable outcome is victory.
The economy then was not advertised by the evil sided media as going well, let alone buoyant, but in very bad shape as a consequence of the tax reductions.
Meanwhile, however; the economy kept growing because of the tax reductions but also the government under a very high load due to maintaining the war against the evil that justified the killing of three thousand people in the name of a very questionable faith, was costly, and despite that fact; countless government expenditures kept showing in the many budgets, for whatever reasons and invented needs.
Naturally, as the markets kept growing in a fictitious world, the people that has so magnanimously being given loans and mortgages they could not afford to pay since day one, started to fault in their obligations and thereby, the bubble finally burst open and the banks and other financial institutions directly felt the impact of the delusion in a very real perception.
Politicians have grown to develop this idea that not matter what they do or propose, any that comes as a consequence of their suggestions or actions; is never their responsibility, unless it results into a good perception.
Politics is the science of perception. The principled politician works for what is right forgetting what is popular, the evil politician, works for what is popular while dismissing what is right.
Governments cannot love or hate, they are just abstract institutions built by people with the intention to serve people, the ideal to serve the common good. The problem is with politicians taking the upper hand and making the people to be served; themselves, and their own close friends and nobody else.
The problem has been identified as the financial institutions not having enough liquidity to be able to keep the economy going.
The problem is however, that the people cannot do very much about the economy because there is not enough cash in their hands to keep the economy growing.
The actions of governments to give free money to financial institutions so that they keep the fallacy going is not working because it is not real, because the system is built on credit gone out of control. These actions, will sooner or later build even further on taxes to the individuals when not on inflation with the consequent detriment to the standard of living.
Over and beyond the current crisis and very long before it exploded; the common people had been living on this ‘lack of cash’ problem due to several circumstances, most of them outside of their personal doing and they’ve being told that it is the modern way to live and survive and that stress and desperation as consequences of what they eat or that it is their parents fault because they did not have this marvelous credit system of ours.
But governments have not shown the same type of approach to help the individual person and families to solve their lack of cash problems. On the contrary, after each and every cry for help, governments have produced more taxes and to administer those new taxes, created more bureaucracy which demanded more resources that created more taxes… forever growing themselves out of control while completely forgetting the individual and families that really make the economy as opposed to the financial institutions that after all, are too made by people; plain individuals only wanting to survive and to provide a future for their children…
The evil side has jumped against that truth, by fostering the killing of the children as to provide a ‘solution’ to the financial burden carried by the individual and families thereby countering love with selfishness through individualism.
The evil side has fostered to the destruction of the family itself as an entity that obstructs the dictates of the elites that are the only ones allowed to ‘manage’ the situation because they are the only ones that do really profit from the spiral of taxation.
The individual human person as created by God is perfectly equipped to deal with each and everyone of the predicaments the evil side persistently insists is not, because the individual human person is the only one capable of loving.
Love is giving and not expecting to receive anything in return
It is exclusively at the individual level that love can be perceived and expressed. Love you neighbor is what God has commanded us and the evil side is telling us we should not love our neighbor, that we should kill our children or our elder and that we should not build families, that marriage is just any grouping of two or many regardless of gender or even species.
In the moment of this and other crisis, we should blatantly reject the suggestion that this problem is going to be solved by giving more cash to financial institutions perpetuating the problem only applying a patch so that it appears that the economy is back in track.
We should insist upon our politicians to embrace the good side
We should start working for the common good by allowing the individual person with love for his/her neighbor solve this and every crisis and to restraint themselves to do what it is exclusively their mandate, to serve the common good and provide social justice by providing laws that are for all and that are practical and simple for everyone to follow, thereby guaranteeing the freedom and means of prosperity only individuals and families can obtain by acting as loving individuals in a free society and not selfish automats in a collectivist society.
Moral guidance cannot come from a politician, because God has instituted the Church with that function guided by the Holy Spirit.
Money is not what is needed but love and peace based on truth.
Only love can solve this and many crisis.
Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
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