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Monday, September 1, 2008

There is nothing reconciliatory about abortion

There seems to be this idea that abortion of pregnancy, and I am making the remark on it being of pregnancy; is something harmless which just depends of an opinion or of a point of view.

The truth and fact is that abortion of pregnancy or the abrupt termination of pregnancy by killing the human person living in the mother’s womb is a double crime against humanity because along with the murder that takes place; it also removes the dignity of the human person depriving him/her of his/her individuality and dignity.
Human life begins at the time of conception, because it is then, by virtue of the union between a man and a woman, that the human egg, in the woman body, gets germinated by the sperm producing life. The human being life being produced is created by God, not men and it is to be respected and nurtured as God’s willed.
Many aborted theories can be constructed regarding when, how, why and whose body this is; and they are all aborted because their lack of fundament, because they quickly find a death end and no further way to go and thereby, the media and some politicians propose that the argument is a waste of time, that is not something that matters, that there are more important issues to pay attention to…
There is only one truth however and that the abortion of pregnancy is murder and it is a crime that should be prevented and punishable by the law.
The fallacious excuses that a woman body is hers or that it is a right to choose women have over what grows in their bodies are just that; excuses to dispose of the consequences of whatever they did exercising their free choice or in the unfortunate case of rape; of the innocent consequence of a crime being ignored by another crime.
A baby in the womb is an individual human person and there is no justification to kill him/her under no circumstance or within any reasoning.
Women have been created by God to be mothers; it is what their bodies are prepared to do and to pretend that women, because some men find a free ride to become promiscuous and licentious, does not mean there is a right to equate such a behavior, especially considering that this behavior is not a right on men either. Nevertheless, in both cases that behavior is exercised as an absolute free choice.
There is also the poor excuse that by allowing the killing of innocent unborn babies; crime rates are being reduced because many single mothers will not be and therefore that social issue is therefore addressed.
Nothing so far away from the truth because the actual social cause of the problem is not pregnancy but home abandonment, divorce, adultery, etc. and each one of these issues; is being loaded on the soul of a little innocent human being to be destroyed in the name of avoiding confrontation with the truth.
Politics, for centuries; have been selling the idea of people being taken care by the system; of social programs that resolve every issue and that put an end to every social illness. However, this idea which translates into collectivism is nothing but a selling of the human soul to the darkness of sin, of perdition through the selfish anxieties of humans that choose to love only themselves and because of that characteristic of this way of thinking, entire philosophies have evolved into believing that each and every individual person is a truth on its own container institutionalizing the concept of relativism.
Freedom is relative to the truth and nobody can bend the truth to demand freedom. This relative freedom makes the truth an absolute. When the truth becomes relative to what the individual wants or wishes; freedom becomes absolute and so everything and anything becomes permissible and freedom disappears.
Politics have been very adamant in building on this mistake called collectivism and in the process many other social trends have been produced; communism, Nazism, socialism, etc. and on each and every one of those cases the initial claim has always been that it works because it produces freedom and that people is happier under those schemes, only to find the abundance of social problems always explained by the elimination of the evidence instead of the acknowledgement that is always should be up to the individual to exercise his/her free choice but subjected to an absolute truth.
Governments are formed by people because the whole point is a need of protection or in other words, the whole point of having any type of government is to guarantee protection towards the individual human being. That makes the most basic and fundamental meaning of government be placed on the protection of life and so the point that needs to be critically clear is when human life begins and it starts upon conception and goes on through life until natural death.
No other explanation pulled in simplicity that pretends to be final on its own weight can override the fact that human life and dignity start from conception.
Hence to put forward arguments of invented rights to choose or that women that suffer because the decision they made or this or that is nothing but politics validating murder and to pretend that any issue can be more important than the protection of life is dismissive of government because it dismisses life, its own reason to be.
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