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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Elections and expectations

Every time there is the opportunity for the people to freely express their opinion and to assent or dissent with the role of government and/or its performance; it’s a blessed moment in everyone’s life and must be exercised
as the choice God has given each and everyone of us to choose our ways and expectations.
Hence, the current call for elections in Canada and for that matter in the United States; is not about any right to choose because that is a freedom given by God and therefore, not to be disturbed by any type of government.
Elections are always about the choices we make because it is with those choices we will have to live for a period to come and live the consequences of them.
The question is not to vote or not vote as everyone should exercise its freedom to choose or quietly become a slave of his/her own choice not to participate for the common good.
In Canada, as it has been proven for the last thirty three months; there appears not to be much to choose from. We waited with excitement for a hope to crystallize into a direction expressed with clarity after having survived decades of collectivism carrying death and selfishness and oppression by a government which supposedly is of the people by the people and for the people. Instead, we have experienced an excuse, of a government shy into its minority condition, claiming to be incapable to govern given that condition, yet not ever expressing what was what it was intending to do otherwise. The time has passed and it is now too late to look at any clear expectations nor to expectations with clarity except to live with the hope that sooner rather than later, the people of Canada will open their hearts to the truth and reach for that connection we all have with God our creator and assume the responsibility over our own choices.
The most fundamental reason for any government to exist is protection and the most elemental entity to be protected is life. Not much more needs to be intended because it is from life that everything else evolves, not in the fallacious sense godless people implies, but in the sense of prosperity a government is there to guarantee, not to prevent; for each and every citizen out of their own freely exercised choices.
The outgoing opposition is much worst than the incumbents, as they have with cold and ruthless clarity expressed through their destructive tide of death and selfishness, implementing a culture where life is not protected but destroyed in the name of selfishness, where the individuality of the human person has been nullified by gifts solely intended to buy souls and not other happiness than that of the elites that claim to be the intellectual body not just knowing more but even the only ones to know anything.
The issues for this election have been defined by the leaders of the big parties in power, in one hand as a need for a majority in order to make the government more ‘functional’, on the other; a variety of topics like; the economy, environment, taxes, etc., none of them dealing with the freedom of choice but their choice kidnapped by a system that claims to be too good to be revised because the government is too big to be rationalized. Therefore, there are really no issues for which to vote for, nothing at all…
That is what is presented by the establishment that says we have no hope to ever be free as individuals to deal with the consequences of our own choices.
But choice is not a right anyone can claim to have, because being that the case; there would not be right or wrong nor there be good or evil, just a loose right to choose that can only be neutralized by a system of glorified elites dressed as gods in a polytheist society built by the choices made by the most powerful or influent, a society distanced itself from rightness and justice.
The freedom to choose is thereby a gift from the only God there is, a God not created by humans but creator of the universe; something that goes hand in hand with responsibility for what the choices we made result on. The only fair judge to those choices is God and no power on earth can override His judgment as supported by the power invested upon the church by the Holy Spirit. God is truth and is love and therefore, our choices consequences are because of the truth meeting sooner or later our expectations and thereby our responsibility and God’s love provides us with the way to reconcile ourselves with that truth.
There are issues in this election and they are freedom and protection of life and what we do not have is candidates courageous enough as to remove, distance themselves from this putrefied environment called the Canadian establishment that doe not hesitate to kill the innocent or neutralize our most fundamental freedoms in order to preserve what they think is theirs and nobody else’s.
We need a change and so my encouragement is to go and vote, yet vote for anybody different from anyone now represented in government and be sure that the person chosen is a person committed to life and freedom to God as the supreme being He is, almighty and our creator and if no such person is in the ballot; just vote blank in protest.
César Fernández-Stoll
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