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Friday, August 1, 2008

When is SPAM a tool of oppression

SPAM is the modality to send unsolicited mail to people that do not want to receive that mail, it is intrusive and obstructive and invasive of the privacy and peace of individuals.

Any private person should be protected against the invasion of their privacy.
What about people that by choice are elected to office to represent the people?
A representative of the people at any level of government can hardly claim to be selective to the mail he/she receives, except of course when the content of the correspondence proves to be lack décor or of any morality. After all; these people are being paid to represent, not just the people that elected them, but the community altogether and because they have the ability to manipulate the funds trusted to them with our taxes as well as being paid for their services, several times in effect; with our taxes; they must keep themselves open and receptive to opinion and criticism.
Any public person is not in the same stand as politicians are, even if they have managed to produce that idea, that illusion; of being untouchable because they have a mandate that broadly allows them to do whatever they wish without later be questioned on their actions. Certainly to give anyone a blank cheque and expect that the only thing required is for this person to ‘explain’ the reason for his/her actions at the end of the term becomes extremely dangerous, not just to the economy, but to the moral standard of the community.
What about then, if a politician is implanted in caucus so that his email is different from the pattern followed by parliament and is ready to cry SPAM at any indication that the contents of any correspondence, is something of his/her dislike?
Is this person allowed to just report any mail as SPAM with the objective of removing any criticism or worst; any point of view contrary to his/hers?
For some years now; I’ve been sending notes with some of my articles where I intended to bring to the attention of several people in my lists that I maintain, with always the same people, with the occasional addition of someone here and there who was included because the person was part of the audience on some other mail with a point that was in debate and which as a matter of courtesy was there part of it and could not be put aside of the discussion and in these seldom occasions, I was most of the times, careful on adding a note with that point in consideration.
The only case, in which I have sent unsolicited mail, has been when writing directly or indirectly to politicians; going from the Prime Minister of Canada and the president of the United States as well as many other offices in the world, to representatives at every level of government, globally or individually, or representatives of the Canadian Labor Congress, the Governor General, or most newspapers.
It is my right to do so, because in these times of global impact, what happens at any point in the planet; is being used, and not seldom abused by politicians to impact our lives and therefore it is my duty as a inhabitant of this planet or a citizen of the country; to raise my voice as loud as possible to be heard on my opinion and to pass it along to their comrade politicians so that they are aware of what I see. This is called citizen participation.
Some politicians, particularly of the collectivist side, despise citizen participation because they support every one of their stances on the power of elitism and sell themselves through the seed of individualism. They are not interested on what this or that individual person thinks, in fact; they despise individuality altogether, because it is risky to their own survival in office as this is kept apart from reason or faith and it is only focused on what can be perceived by the self, me and I, and it is what is expected from each and every individual out there and so, the selling of pleasures without limits or borders and of devices to make those uncontrollable urges even less self-controllable, becomes their everyday task. To find someone criticizing sodomy or abortion of pregnancy or even showing any trace of love for God; becomes risky and therefore a target for elimination.
As mentioned above, I’ve been doing this for years and for years I’ve been responded by representatives friendly to my points of view and totally opposite to them and I must say that until now, it has been rather impressive the fact that never ever I’ve been responded with anything but opinions and it has kept me with the hope that in the same tonic used by propaganda of collectivism where they keep repeating something so many times under the expectation to make a truth from any fantasy; I keep insisting only to try to find some reasoning by expressing the truth, as taught by Jesus and His Church, body of the Holy Spirit.
However, it seems that a call to my former service provider; Network Solutions; was enough not only to abruptly and without any further explanation; cancel my email address, but my whole web site as well. It became worst, because the condition expressed by the provider was that I had to renounce to what I was doing and that I had to accept having violated whatever it is was the unexplained reason to shut me down.
It is really interesting to look back and realize how manipulative politics can become when power is understood as isolation from criticism and disconnected from the people supposedly being served, because the silence has been loud enough to answer with clarity that what has been found as a problem is the content of my articles as opposed to some true SPAM in the network which was not the case whatsoever.
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